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Best 10 Earphones Under 1000 Pesos In The Philippines

Do you want to experience a perfect sound of music or videos with good quality earphones instead of using the available pairs when you buy a new phone? Besides, you also need a product that has a budget cost? Actually, it’s not difficult in the music accessories market to find the proper ones with your requirement. However, you will get confused when choosing a satisfying product among lots of models from different brands. will help you choose earphones not only suitable but also are the best earphones under 1000 pesos!

Best Earphones Under 1000 PHP In 2021

The list below will give you the top 10 earphones that are high-quality but no need to spend a lot of cost on buying them.

1. Xumu J18 TWS

Xumu J18 TWS

Xumu J18 TWS is one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000 pesos in the current market. It’s not the lowest price but it has surprised qualities.

The battery life lasts five hours, which is quite long enough to enjoy favorite songs. 

2. Linkee XG8 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Linkee XG8 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Continue to be Bluetooth earphones, but these are waterproof wireless earphones of good quality. That will become an ideal product for runners when they sweat in the race.

However, the sound seems a little shoddy. Although it is loud, the quality is not very clear.

3. JBL C100SI

JBL C100SI Earphones

These earphones are products from JBL, and they are available in white, black, and red. They are covered by rubberized materials that are tangle-resistant and sturdy. The microphone is high-definition for making phone calls. In addition, you can enjoy bass, treble, and high tones.

4. Plextone G25

Plextone G25

Do you enjoy the sound while you are having a thrilling battle on a game with a friendly team? These gaming earphones are perfect for you to experience your favorite games. The gunfire and footsteps will be demonstrated impressively and give you a live and immersive sound. If you are a gamer, check out our list for the best gaming laptop under 50k Philippines 2021.

The cable is flat and is 2.2 meters long. With this length, it sounds great to reach your CPU to enjoy PC games.

Besides gaming, these earphones also satisfy you with their great sound to listen to music, especially electronic music.

5. Xiaomi Piston 3

Xiaomi Piston 3

Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones are also a high sound quality product for budget prices, and the bass gives you a well-defined experience in voice calls. Besides, Xiaomi Piston 3 is designed with kevlar fiber, light but durable. This is a flat design, so you will not annoy a lot with the tangle.

You have more choices with black, silver, purple, green, pink devices.

6. Philips SHE3555/00

Philips SHE3555/00

Next on our list of best products is the Philips SHE3555/00. These are in-ear earphones delivering sound greatly and suitable for the low price point. If you enjoy listening to acoustic or jazz tracks, let’s consider this pair of earphones. It will make you pleased with quality for a reasonable price.

Regarding the design of Philips SHE3555/00, the designer creates an oval shape of the earphones that you can feel comfortable and great when using them for a long time. However, these earphones can wear and tear a bit. It’s time to replace a new one.

7. Miniso Colorful Music Earphone Model No HF236

Cute Earphones under 1000 pesos

These products have got a lovely appearance with a polyester one-meter wire. Reviewers choose them because of their durability and affordable cost. They are colorful with five colors, including green, red, pink, blue, light blue.

The manufacturer introduces Miniso HF236 to cuteness lovers but still ensures a good sound quality.

8. Vivo XE160

Vivo XE160

The Vivo XE160 earphones can play the audio directly inside the ear without discomfort.

The audio gets of good quality because this brand developed Vivo’s Hi-Fi sound quality technology, but reviewers mentioned the low volume. Without much fuss, Vivo XE160 is contented with people who look for something plain.

9. Sony MDRE9LP

high quality earphones under 1000 pesos

We have heard the fame of Sony, which is a reliable brand for many devices. Sony also supplies great quality earphones, and one of them is Sony MDRE9LPand. Sony MDRE9LPand can transfer great audio in calls. However, this is not the best choice when you use it for music.

This product will give you a wide range of colors, including black, gray, white, purple, green, yellow, orange, pink, and red. Now, choose one with the color you love.

10. Newmsnr 6D Mental Heavy Bass Earphones

cheap earphones philippines under 1000 php

Although these are cheap earphones, reviewers are quite pleased with the heavy bass and acceptable tone. The microphone filter is also apparent during calls.

An uncomfortable point of this type of earphone is the wire. It is a little thin, which seems broken easily. Also, the earphone buds part could fall if you move immediately.

Cheap Earphones Under 1000 Pesos: Conclusion

Each product that we have mentioned above has different advantaged features. After reading our post, do you have a choice of the best earphones under 1000 pesos for yourself? If you are still confused, asking for more advice from your friends to make a decision.

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