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An Ultimate Guide On How To Deactivate Messenger 2022


Facebook Messenger has taken over most messaging applications. However, even with its messenger aspect, it’s not a good choice for many Facebook users. The app is loaded with ads, and it’s nearly impossible to keep your photos safe from third-party captures. This article will tell you how to deactivate Messenger 2022.

How To Deactivate Messenger 2022?

Tap your profile picture on top of all that informs you who to contact in the Messenger app. You’ll see a menu with a variety of options.

When looking at Legal & Policies, choose Deactivate Messenger after entering the password for verification purposes if necessary. 

Then confirm the action by tapping “de-act.” Finally, make sure everything was deactivated successfully – Congratulations!

Facebook Messenger has been deactivated, so you will never receive messages from your friends on the app. If you would like to reactivate it, simply log in again, and everything will be as before! 

It will be almost the same if you want to know how to deactivate Messenger in iPhone 2022 or how to deactivate Messenger on laptop 2022. 

However, remember that reactivating the Messenger equals reactivating the Facebook profile. Therefore, you will have to de-act your Facebook profile again. 

How to Make Your Facebook Account Inactive 2022?

When you want to remove your Facebook account, it’s as simple as tapping on the hamburger menu symbol and scrolling down. 

Select “Settings & Privacy.” Then tap “Settings” from within this window that will appear. That’s all there is to remove yourself from an online social platform!

Click on “Account Ownership and Control” under the Your Facebook Information section.

Choose “Deactivation and Deletion.”

There are two options you’ll have to choose from, whether or not your Facebook profile should be deactivated or deleted. Press “Deactivate Account”, then choose to continue on this page to move with the process!

You may not want your Facebook account active. However, you must select a reason before deactivating your account! Click on “Continue” if you have already explicitly chosen your reason. 

To change how long you have before your account gets automatically reactivated, tap “Don’t Reactivate Automatically. Choose the number of days that work best for you, and then click continue!

As a final stage before your account is deactivated, there will be options like withdrawing or getting future notifications. 

Suppose there are any groups/applications where you (and only you) hold administrator rights. 

If that’s the case, they’ll have to either remove themselves or give their ownership to someone else, or else it’ll be goodbye!

With pages being published as the sole administrators, they will go unpublished, no question asked! 

And now, to complete your deactivation process, all you have to do is to tap on “Deactivate My Account.”

You’ve just deactivated your account, but you can still receive and send messages to friends. 

To reactivate it, all you have to do is log back in with your mobile number or email and password associated with this Facebook profile!

Now that you’ve canceled your Facebook account, it’s time to remove Messenger from your device.

However, some of you will want to know how to deactivate Messenger without deactivating Facebook 2022. And here, TechiestuffPH have some solutions for you. 

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How To Decrease Your Facebook Messenger Usage Without Deleting It?

One of the reasons you may consider deactivating Facebook Messenger is because it takes up so much time. 

Other options can help limit your use as well, like using Screen Time on iOS or Digital Wellbeing in some Android phones – here’s how they work!

Digital Wellbeing For Android Devices

Google has made Digital Wellbeing public for smartphones running Android 9 and above since 2018. 

You can use many of its features to restrict your smartphone using times, set schedules for individual apps, so you don’t overstimulate yourself with notifications or social media sites while trying not to miss out on in-app events happening all around us! 

After using one specific app long enough will block them, including access via Messenger, which might be good. 

Blocking Facebook Messenger may be the best thing that has happened to you in a long time! You can finally get some peace without having your phone ringing off the hook.

To access Digital Wellbeing, open Settings and scroll down to find the option called ‘Digital WellBeing.’ 

You can also tap on Dashboard, which will give you an easy way of seeing what apps are currently running on your phone.

Use the ‘hourglass’ icon on Facebook Messenger to set a timer. You can select the pre-customized timers or adjust your settings too! 

Once you’ve set it, close out of these settings, and voila–you’re done blocking yourself from using Facebook messenger for x amount of time each day (and night).

Screen Time For iOS Devices

The new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 is an excellent way to make your life more disciplined and productive. 

With this tool, you can limit the usage of particular apps so that they don’t take over other aspects or interfere with others’ plans for themselves–such as Facebook Messenger! 

It has plenty of great features that allow users even further customization based on what works best for them, limiting app access at certain times during the day/weekends. 

And here’s how things will go down:

To access your iPhone’s settings, tap on ‘Settings’ and then select “Screen Time.” You will find many options that allow you to customize, but you need to click “Your phone” to continue forward!

There you go! Open the Messenger app on your phone and tap Add limit at the bottom. 

Now assign a time frame after which you want to quit using this application so that there are no future regrets when leaving in an emergency or if things don’t work out as planned.

Once you’ve set the time limit, tap ‘Add. Now Facebook Messenger will be blocked after your session expires! And that’s how Messenger deactivate 2022


If you’re ready, let’s get started. Knowing how to deactivate Messenger 2022 is easy and quick from the Facebook app or website. You will no longer see notifications related to Messenger on your mobile phone, but if you ever want to reactivate it at a later date, simply follow these steps again! So don’t worry – deactivation is only temporary and doesn’t delete your messages or contacts.

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