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They’re The Best Folding Bike Brand In Philippines – And Here’s Why

Folding bikes are fun, convenient, and space-economical, but it can be hard to find one that fits all your needs. So let’s take a trip down the bike aisle as we will tell you about the best folding bike brand in the Philippines has to offer, based on worth, customer reception, popularity, and brand identity!

Our Top Pick: Vmax Folding Bike!

The Vmax Folding Bike comes out as our top folding bike brand in the  Philippines has ever launched, for several reasons! They’re suitable for short rides or strolls down the neighborhood, they’re highly customizable, and they’re so comfortable to ride on.

Vmax Folding Bike diminishes the presumption that folding bikes are not durable. The model is so sturdy as to carry two lightweight people at once and several groceries back (just in case you need that kind of ride). 

Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the seat and handlebars to your likings as well as free accessories such as detachable back seats, baskets, and mud cover. This feature gives Vmax a leg-up above all competitors in its field.

The bike is a tad pricey, but we can assure you that you’re getting your money’s worth. While folded, it cannot stand on its own, as it is pretty heavy and needs support from a wall or a corner. There’s currently no user manual for the model, but with Vmax’s design, you’ll be sure to figure it out!

Our Budget Choice: New Life Folding Bike!

If you’re looking for a folding bike on a budget, we suggest getting the New Life Folding Bike, as it is perhaps the cheapest folding bike Philippines can provide!

You’ll only have to spend at best ₱4,000 for this impressive bike, and there’s a high chance that you won’t even have to pay all at once. New Life has opted to make a plethora of payment methods available so as to provide service for a wide margin of consumers. But does the bike deliver quality? 

New Life Folding Bike

The reason why New Life Folding Bikes end up on this list of best folding bike brand in the Philippines can get you is the brand’s focus on convenience. The bikes come in four different colors, and when it’s on your doorstep, you know that there’s no assembling work on your side anymore. Every bike from New Life is delivered pre-assembled!

For such an affordable and lightweight bike, you’ll be surprised how strong it is. The basket on the front and load-bearing shelf at the rear of the bike is famous for being extremely durable, aiding you on those shopping and delivery trips. 

But all in all, everything has a downside. New Life Folding Bikes are always quite large, and their size cannot be compromised. The target demographic for use is usually adults for this bike model, and they sure have standards. There have been many complaints about New Life’s operation that the bike misses a few parts on delivery.

Some people are willing to pay more to prevent that risk from happening, but for now, New Life is still holding the crown for the best quality for such a decent price tag. If you are more into e-scooters, do check out our list of the best e scooter in the Philippines.

Other Models You Can Consider: OEM’s City Elf Bike 8 & Battle’s Jieao Bike!

OEM’s Elf Bike 8

If you want to spend somewhere in the middle of Vmax and New Life, we have one more competitive choice for you. OEM’s City Elf Bike 8 is next on our list of best products. It is an unbelievably light folding bike that makes travelers can consider.

The model is so airy that you can fold it and carry it along with your walks and strolls should the occasion calls for it. It comes with a bag that helps you with that same activity. And since it’s so summery and compact, you will not have to worry about its delivery package taking up your entire porch upon arrival.

The downside to OEM’s Elf Bike 8 is the sacrifice of surplus parts to preserve its weight. You won’t find any accessories like bottle holders, backseats, or baskets to put on your bike, but some see this as an opportunity to customize their bike. Whether you fall into that mentality, that’s up to you!

Battle’s Jieao Folding Bike

If you’re looking for something quite luxurious and quick, Battle’s Jieao Folding Bike is one of the the best folding bike brands in the country that has to offer at the moment. You will not be getting a low deal on this model, but the company can deliver the bike to you at a drop of a hat.

The cost-value tradeoff on Battle’s Jieao Folding Bike is insane if you ask us. The unique Telescopic Alloy Handle Stem technology on the bike makes it incredibly easy to unfold. Just one snap of a lock and you’ll be on the road in seconds. The finishing on the bike is quite durable too, so you will never have to worry about scratching the coat and losing bolts.

Aside from being a long-term investment, Battle’s Jieao Folding Bike’s saddle is utterly ergonomic, making it very comfortable and sturdy to sit on and enjoy the ride. You’ll never feel safer braking on this bike!

Battle’s Jieao Folding Bike

Battle’s Jieao Folding Bike’s main setback is the same as that of New Life’s. Since the bike is quite tall and bulky, it cannot and should not be ridden by children, despite how deeply comfortable and safe the bike is. You also cannot install the Braze-on front derailleur on this bike. But all in all, aside from the setbacks, the Jieao Folding Bike is still worth its price.

That should mark the end of our list for the best folding bike brand Philippines can provide for its consumers. A tip for folding bike shopping is to always prioritize durability (which can come at a high price) over cheapness’ allure, so you’ll be sure to get a product that you can use for a long time. Check out for the latest tech news & reviews!

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