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Can You Pay SSS Online: Step-By-Step Guide On How To Pay SSS Online

If you are an employee, you might not have to worry about paying your SSS (Social Security System) contributions, because it is taken care of by your employer. However, if you are a business owner, OFW, professional, or a voluntary contributor, it is necessary to know the process. The question is can you pay SSS online? Short answer, yes. In this article, we will deliver to you a step-by-step guide on how to pay SSS online.

How To Pay SSS Contribution Online

List of Payment Facilities for SSS Transactions

At the moment, you can use these means to pay your SSS contributions.

1. SSS Tellering Branches 

Source: SSS Facebook Page

2. Partner Banks (Over-The-Counter)

  • Philippine Business Bank (PBB)
  • Asia United Bank* (AUB)
  • Bank One Savings Bank
  • United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)
  • PNB Savings Bank*
  • Rural Bank of Lanuza*
  • First Isabela Cooperative Bank (FICO Bank)
  • Union Bank of the Philippines* (UBP)
  • Partner Rural Bank
  • Bank of Commerce* (BOC)
  • Wealth Bank*

*PESO Fund, various loans, and miscellaneous payments are also accepted.

3. Non-Bank Collecting Partners

Mobile Facility

  • CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (CBCI)
  • G-Xchange, Inc. (GCash)
  • Security Bank Corp. (SBC) Digibanker

Internet Banking and Over-The-Counter

  • Electronic Commerce Payments, Inc. (ECPay)
  • CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (CBCI)
  • SM Mart, Inc.*

*SM only accepts individual loan accounts for loan payments.

4. Abroad Over-The-Counter (for OFW members)

  • Asia United Bank (AUB)
  • Philippine National Bank
  • Pinoy Express Hatid Padala Services, Inc.
  • Bank of Commerce (BOC)
  • Sky Freight Forwarders, Inc.
  • LMI Express Delivery, Inc.
  • Ventaja International Corporation (VIC)
  • iRemit, Inc.

If you are not sure about your SSS contribution, check out our guide here on how to check your SSS contribution.

How to register an SSS account online:

1. Go to the SSS website (users are recommended to use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browsers)

2. Move to the ‘How to register to My.SSS’ box and click on try it now

3. Click on “Download” if you want to get a detailed guide on how to register an SSS account online

4. If you want to go straight to the registration, click on “registration”. 

But in order to pay your SSS contribution, you need a PRN number.

What is a PRN number & why is it important?

A PRN (Payment Reference Number) is a number that a user needs for paying their contribution. The SSS has recently required a Payment Reference Number for paying SSS loans. That also answers the question: how to pay sss online without PRN.

How to get a Payment Reference Number (PRN)

There are three ways for you to get a Payment Reference Number

  • Go to SSS website
  • Visit one of SSS’s branches
  • Email at [email protected] or call SSS helpline at 920-6446 to 55 (only available from Monday to Friday)

How To Pay SSS Online

How to pay SSS online BPI

These are four steps to pay your SSS contribution online with BPI:

1. Log in to SSS Mobile App to Generate a PRN

First, choose the period you want to pay, then select a preferred amount. Make sure all the details are correct. Then tap on Generate PRN/SOA

2. Select BPI as the Payment Method

After having your PRN, the SSS mobile app will then ask you to choose your preferred payment method. In the list, select BPI bank and the app will redirect you to the BPI website.

3. Pay with your BPI account

Type in your username and password to log into the system. Select the BPI account you want to use for the payment, then proceed.

BPI will then send you a one-time password (OTP) to the mobile number you have registered. Type the OTP to proceed with the payment.

How to pay SSS online GCash or how to pay SSS loan online GCash?

You can check out the official guide by Gcash here.

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