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Cheapest Gaming Chair PH? Check Out This Curated List

Whether you are working or gaming, since you will spend long hours sitting in one spot, you will need to get a decent and comfortable gaming chair. Some gaming chairs offer more cushion as well as reclining options to reduce tension on your neck and shoulder, improve blood circulation, and prevent back pains.

To help you choose the cheapest gaming chair PH, here is a list of gaming chairs that cost no more than P15,000.

Gaming chair in Philippines and budget gaming chair Philippines

OFX Deluxe-25W High Back Mesh Gaming Chair Philippines

This mesh gaming chair is perfect for girls. It is reclinable to a maximum of 125 degrees and its load capacity is up to 150kg. The chair also has a position lock mechanism, lumbar support, adjustable headrest, firm armrest, and an anti-slip cushion made with breathable mesh.

You can adjust the height of the chair up to 100mm. A 6-month warranty is offered.

OFX Deluxe-25W High Back Mesh Gaming Chair.

Price: P4,999

Cheapest Gaming Chair PH: Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair

This affordable gaming chair is made of synthetic leather. It has two soft pillows for the headrest and back, a removable armrest, and a high, extendable backrest. There are two gas lifts. One is for height adjustment while one is for angle adjustment for seating and laying.

Underneath the chair is high elastic foam with a thickness of 10cm, a durable chassis with five wheels, and fold-able leg rest.

Cheapest Gaming Chair PH: Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair

Price: P4,999

OFX LD202 High Back PU Gaming Chair

This gaming chair has a sporty look. The exterior is made of synthetic leather with white, black, and red accents. There are two adjustable armrests, a racing seat, and pillows for back and headrest. The chair can be adjusted and can carries up to 150kg. It also has a heavy-duty with five wheels. A 6-month warranty is offered.

OFX LD202 High Back PU Gaming Chair

Price: P5,999

Cheapest Gaming Chair PH: Havit HV-GC922 Gaming Chair

The chair is available in two colors: black and red. It has a wider backrest. The angle of the chair can be adjusted to a maximum of 180 degrees. You will have a thicker seat cushion, pillows for the headrest and back, and a fixed armrest.

Its maximum load capacity is 150kg. The chair comes with a plated chair legs. The height of the chair is adjustable via a class 4 gas lift.

Cheapest Gaming Chair PH: Havit HV-GC922 Gaming Chair.

Price: P6,750

Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB Gaming Chair

As you can read from its name, the chair has a customizable RGB lighting located at the back of the headrest. Besides this, it has two-dimensional adjustable armrests, support cushions for head and lumbar, and a durable steel base.

It can carry up to 200kg. The backrest can be adjusted to 150 degrees. Other features include multi-functional tilt, a class-4 gas lift, a thick vinyl cushion, and double-wheel casters.

Gamdias Achilles E1 RGB Gaming Chair.

Price: P8,999

Cheapest Gaming Chair PH: ThunderX3 BC3 Gaming Chair

This chair belongs to the Pro series of the brand. It comes with a breathable pinhole fabric with AIR Tech to keep users cool even with prolonging seating. The backrest of the chair is adjustable up to 180 degrees. The head cushions provide support and extra comfort.

The two-directional armrests and the height of the chair can also be adjusted. Other features include an 18-degree rocking mechanism, a class-3 gas lift, high-density foam, and a leatherette surface with cyan and grey accents.

ThunderX3 BC3 Gaming Chair.

Price: P9,950

Cheapest Gaming Chair PH: Sharkoon SGS2 Skiller Chair

The Skiller SGS2 offers a collection of adjustment features for ergonomic and comfort seating. The chair comes with tilt and suspension system. The backrest of the chair is reclinable and lockable to 150 degrees.

Since it is made entirely of soft fabric, the chair is easy to clean. It can carry up to 110kg. Its maximum height is 185cm. Other features include large 60mm wheels, a 3D armrest, and attachable lumbar and head cushions.

Sharkoon SGS2 Skiller Chair.

Price: P6,500

Cougar Ranger Gaming Sofa

The chair is ideal for both gamers and movie lovers. The couch has a premium steel frame and cushion all over. It has a footrest that is foldable and a backrest that is adjustable to 160 degrees. Its maximum load capacity is 160kg.

Cougar Ranger Gaming Sofa.

Price: P9,995

Homall Gaming Chair Philippines

The backrest of the chair is adjustable to 180 degrees for the comfort of your back. Its vertical adjustable armrests offer a comfortable arm position. The pillows for the lumbar and headrest are removable.

The chair uses high-quality PU leather with a thick-padded buck seat for an ultra-comfortable seating experience. Other features include a heavy-duty steel frame, high-density foam, a class-3 gas lift, and a max load capacity of 136kg.

Homall Gaming Chair Philippines.

Price: P8,942

Cheapest Gaming Chair PH: Likeregal Gaming Chair Philippines

The chair has a maximum load capacity of 130kg. Its features include a removable neck pillow and a lower back pillow with a massager. It is reclinable up to 140 degrees. The height of the chair is also adjustable. It has a wide backrest support area.

Likeregal gaming chair.

Price: P4,499

More Expensive Computer Gaming Chair philippines

Secretlab Gaming Chair Philippines: OMEGA 2020 SoftWeave

Everything about this chair screams “premium.” The OMEGA 2020 SoftWeave gaming chair is surely a top gaming chair Philippines. The chair is super comfortable, which is understandable why many pro gamers and streamers spend their money on a Secretlab chair.

The materials are top of the line. The chair has Secretlab’s WoftWeave fabric. Other features of the chair include 4D armrests, tilt mechanism, 165-degree recline, and backrest and lumbar cushions.

Secretlab OMEGA 2020 SoftWeave.

Price: P24,990

Gtracing Gaming Chair Philippines

This gaming chair uses leatherette with red and black accents. Its ergonomic design is to maintain a neutral, balanced posture while reducing pressure on your head, back, and shoulder. There are cushions for lumber and headrest. The chair is adjustable to 170 degrees.

Other features include a class-3 gas lift, adjustable tilt rock tension, multi-adjustable 3D armrests, durable metal frame, soft PU leather, supportive molded foam, and smooth-rolling casters.

Gtracing gaming chair.

Price: P34,482

Where to buy the cheapest gaming chair Philippines 2021?

Customers can visit e-commerce sites like Shopee, Lazada, etc to shop for these gaming chairs.

We hope that with this article on, you can find the best and cheapest gaming chair PH that suits your budget and preferences.

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