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Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Philippines – Complete Review Of Specs, Features & Price

The Cherry Mobile Flare S8 is an unpopular phone in the market, but this product can meet basic needs well at a very good price. Therefore, if you are looking to buy an affordable smartphone, let’s jump straight into this article about Cherry Mobile Flare s8 Specs and Price Philippines for more information.

1. Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Price Philippines

Cherry Mobile Flare S8 is a famous phone in the Philippines. This product was introduced to customers on July 25, 2019. With a pretty youthful design and mid-range technology, this is a promising model targeting the low-end and mid-range segment of customers. The Cherry Mobile Flare S8 now is distributed in the Philippines at a price of P3,999.00.

This is a very affordable phone.

2. Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Review: Is It Worth Your Money?


Like every other regular phone model, Cherry Flare s8 is equipped with a charger, charging cable, and a 3.5mm headset that all basic for a mid-range phone.

Flare S8 has an elegant design.

Although it is a mid-range model, the Flare S8 has a slightly superior design with a glass back and beautiful gradient effect. Cherry Mobile Flare S8 colors are popular, easy-to-use colors that are suitable for many users. Along with that, the rounded design of the corners creates a soft and elegant product shape. 

Both the screen and the back of the phone are equipped with tempered glass. If the front glass has a screen protection function, the glass on the back has different colors, depending on the light conditions, they will create a very beautiful ombre color change effect. However, the device is also quite light at 172.4 grams and may not feel good to hold. 

This might be one of the Cherry Mobile Flare S8 problems that you should take into consideration.


In terms of the arrangement, on the front, Cherry designed the Mobile Flare S8 in the form of a water drop screen – a hot design on the smartphone market today. The manufacturer equips the front camera with the small notification LED above, speaker, and some “invisible” sensors in that impressive water drop.

Because it is a cheap device, the bezel of this product is quite thick. But, it is still easy to see and trendy.

As for the chassis, it’s quite a pity that the Flare S8’s frame is made of plastic, which is understandable because this is a cheap device. But by painting the frame with the same color as the back, the chassis looks very solid and special.

Although there is no fingerprint under the screen, in return, the device still has a fingerprint sensor on the back with the ability to operate correctly. Two cameras placed vertically on the device were also a trendy design at the time of launch.


Display and Multi-Media

The S6 uses a 6.3-inch Trueview Display with 720 x 1520 pixels for a pixel density of 395 PPI. This is a relatively low resolution for a screen with large size like the Flare S8, which causes colors and images to be quite fuzzy. The color’s freshness, the contrast range (especially the black), and viewing angles are all not great.

Flare S8 has an impressive screen size.

However, users do not need to worry too much about it. Yes, this phone has a lower screen resolution and pixel density than other high-end smartphones. But for telephones typically viewed from a short distance, pixel densities above 326 PPI still considered fine and grain-free. Flare S8 will give you just enough experience with common tasks like texting or using social networks.

The speakerphone on the bottom of the device prevents the sound from being obstructed when placed on the tabletop. But if you hold the camera with both hands to play games or watch movies, your hands will easily cover the speaker. The loudspeaker volume is quite loud; the sound is firm and does not break when pushed to the highest level.


The manufacturer equips Cherry Mobile Flare S8 with a rear camera cluster of 13MP camera and 2MP telephoto camera and 16MP front camera.

This camera application fully supports the standard shooting features on today’s phones such as Auto HDR, AI, Beauty portrait, night, panorama, short video. It also supports video recording at 1080p 30fps. Users can easily switch the adjustment between the front and rear lenses, the standard camera, the wide-angle, and the zoom right on the shooting interface.

The quality of photos taken from the 18MP camera, the font deletion image combining the main camera with the 2MP camera, and the selfie from the 16MP camera of Cherry Flare s8 all have similarities with the recent mid-range smartphones. You can say that the camera difference between the mid-range smartphones is relatively small now.

The camera captures many details in bright enough conditions, natural colors, light bands, and contrast is quite good in bright enough conditions. In portrait mode, the image water still retains the color, and the extract is not different from the normal mode.

Accurate autofocus, metering. However, the focus time is quite long, about 2-3 seconds. That can hinder your moment capture.


Cherry Flare Mobile S8 uses a 2.0GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio P23 processor. In addition, the manufacturer also equips the Mali G-71 GPU with 3GB of RAM. In addition to having 32 GB of internal memory, you can use the memory card to enhance the device’s storage capacity. Through performance tests for Cherry Mobile Flare S8 review, the average score is:

  • Antutu: 98554
  • Geekbench – Single-Core: 161
  • Geekbench – Multi-Core: 844

Flare S8 can play well and smoothly games with average graphics settings, not too heavy with gaming activity. As for heavy games like Pubg Mobile, the disadvantages begin to show up when the device shows lag, the temperature increases rapidly, making the HelioTek chip’s performance significantly reduced. 

Therefore, if you intend to play games on this device, you should only set the SPF at about 30fps for maximum stability.

In terms of battery life, Cherry Flare S8 has an onscreen time of 8-9 hours in mixed-use conditions (texting, calling, using social networks) and not playing games. 

That is an imposing number even when compared to the world’s leading phones today. However, the limitation of this device is the lack of fast charging capabilities, taking you a very long time to charge up to 100% fully.

3. Conclusion

There you go, all Cherry Mobile Flare S8 pros and cons in a detailed review!

The Flare S8 has a large and good quality screen that can handle moderate graphics and cameras that take good pictures. While it doesn’t have the best chipset or the best camera, it’s arguably a worthy investment in its price range. 

We hope that this article gives you a complete view of Cherry Mobile Flare S8 specs and price in the Philippines.

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