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Devant TV Review: Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV

Electronics company Devant has been around for a while. If you are living in the Philippines, you may have already come across Devant’s products in stores or heard its commercials via the radio. Devant makes TVs, DVD players, audio speakers, Blu-ray players, and portable players, among others. Of course, the brand isn’t as famous as Sony or Samsung. But in terms of features and quality, its products can definitely compete with those from popular brands. In this Devant TV review, we at are going to take a look at the company’s 50-inch Smart 3D Internet TV.

With so many choices for LED TVs out there, Devant markets its Smart Internet TV as a HD TV that is digital ready with a built-in ISDB-T receiver. This means that the TV can receive digital HD signal without having to setup a converter box or set-top.

Devant TV Review 2020

Design and Construction

The design of the Devant 50iTV630 is simple yet elegant. There is nothing fancy. It is straight-up monolithic and solid. The TV has a refined look with hard lines and strong corners. The bezels of the TV have a black glossy finish. Around the edges are a silver lining.

Most high-end LED TVs now come in 50-inches while 32 to 2 inches are for entry-level sets. Your viewing experience changes drastically at 50 inches. And this is especially true for playing games or watching movies.

The design of the Devant 50iTV630 is simple yet elegant.

On the side, the thickness of the screen is measured at 56mm, which is pretty thin. You can find on the right side the manual controls. On the back are the connection ports, near the left side corner. In terms of port selection, you have 2 USB 2.0 ports, 3 HDMI ports, RCA ports, etc. You will also find a WiFi dongle that comes with the TV. You can plug the dongle into one of the USB ports to set up a connection between the TV and your local area network for an internet connection.

From the edge of the screen panel, the bezel is around an inch wide. The base of the TV is adjustable. You can swivel the panel around.

Display and Playback

The Devant TV offers full HD 1080p resolution with its large 50-inch display. It delivers impressive results in clarity, picture quality, and crispness. It has wide viewing angles and really deep contrast. Depending on the type of output or use, you can adjust the internal settings of the TV for the best viewing experience.

The Devant TV offers full HD 1080p resolution with its large 50-inch display.

The system is very responsive and quite easy to use. It can recognize all the external media players without any troubles. The TV even has two 3D glasses for 3D content

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Multimedia and Internet

This TV model comes with built-in web apps including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and a web browser that looks similar to Chrome. While these web apps are basic, they are very usable. With good internet speeds, YouTube streaming is enjoyable.

The TV uses a WiFi dongle to connect to the Internet. You need to plug the dongle into one of the USB ports that are at the back of the TV. Setting up the WiFi is quick and easy.

Setting up the WiFi is quick and easy.

The web browser is easy to use, light and fast. It renders pages quickly while offering basic navigational functions. It has a simple virtual keyboard but does the job.

The TV has two built-in speakers, each of which rated at 10 watts. While the sound quality lacks the bass and depth of real external speakers, it is good enough. The USB can read and play media files directly including MP3. JPEG and MKV. You can use a USB drive to play multimedia files. This spares you from hooking the system with a separate media player.

Devant 50 inches Smart TV Review: Verdict

The suggested retail price of the Devant 50iTV630 when it was first released was P94,950. The price must have decreased after a few years. There are three freebie options available when you purchase the TV: a free Devant 32Mel250, a free Devant BR 51, and DV 5270. We recommend getting the Devant BR 51 for the free 3D Blu-Ray player.

At its price point, we think that the TV is quite good and is worth an upgrade from an LCD. We hope that with our Devant TV review, you can decide whether to spend money on the Devant 50iTV630. There are still many other Devant TVs that you can take a look at if you find this one unsuitable for you.

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