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How To Change Name In Facebook Page With Four Simple Steps

Changing a business’s Facebook name is pretty common these days. It used to be quite hard to do, but thanks to recent changes by Facebook, you only need to do four steps to do that. So, how to change name in Facebook page? Let’s find out.

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

How to change name in facebook page? It is very easy, you just need to follow these simple steps.

1. Click “Edit Page Info”

Go to your page, click on Edit Page info on the left panel, under the Manage Page section. 

Enter the new name you want to change to.

2. Change the name

Type the name you want to change into the ‘Name’ box. Make sure the new name doesn’t violate Facebook rules:

  • Don’t try any variation of “Facebook’ in the name
  • Your company slogan isn’t allowed
  • Random capitalization isn’t allowed
  • Be specific with your Facebook page’s name
  • Avoid using misleading words or terms
  • Don’t use words that can be abusive, violating, or discriminatory.

After that, confirm and request name change. 

Request change

3. Submit the change

After you have finished typing in your Facebook Page’s new name, click on Request Change. 

If you don’t see any option like this, make sure that you are viewing the page as page admin because other page roles are not allowed to change the Facebook page name. 

If you are viewing as admin and you don’t see the option ‘Request Change’, chances are someone has just tried to change the Facebook page’s name within the last few days. 

Facebook doesn’t limit how many times you can change your Facebook page’s name. You can’t just make sure those changes are seven days apart. 

4. Wait for approval

Facebook usually doesn’t take long to approve a Facebook name change. If you have to wait for more than three business days, it is better to reach out to Facebook and find out if there is anything wrong with the change. 

Not working?

Change your Facebook page name didn’t work? These could be the reasons:

  • You didn’t wait long enough. Facebook usually needs around three business days to review a page name change. 
  • Your Facebook page might be suspended due to violating Facebook’s policies. Common violations include using spammy tactics for more likes or not following Facebook’s name rules.
  • Not an admin. If your page has over 200 likes, you need to be an admin to request a page name’s change. 
  • 7-day limit. You or other admins have just made a name change in the last seven days. 

If none of these reasons fit your situation, you can fill out this form to submit an appeal to change your Facebook page’s name via this link.

Can people still search my page using the old Face Page name?

According to Facebook, when someone searches for your page using the old Face page name, your old page name will still show up. 

When the person clicks on the name, he/she will still be directed to your page with the updated name. 

So we have given you the answer to the question: how to change name in facebook page. Hopefully, it is helpful to you. For more useful guides, feel free to check out our How to section.

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