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How To Disconnect Globe At Home: What You Need To Know

We all know how challenging it is to apply for a Globe contract as a new subscriber. However, the story is the same when you want to terminate your Globe contract. If you think that you can simply send your request online and wait for 3 to 5 business days, you are so wrong. One Globe user said that it actually took her almost 5 months for her contract termination to be completed. In this article, we are going to guide you through how to disconnect Globe at home.

How to terminate Globe WiFi

If my contract is new, can I request Globe to terminate it?

Absolutely, as long as you are willing to pay the penalty. This policy is applicable for contracts that are shorter than 2 years. There are several leading to your decision to terminate your contract.

  • You move to another location.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • You are unsatisfied with the customer service.
  • You no longer need the service.

Perhaps you need to move to another location. The contract will no longer be needed.

You can cancel your internet subscription as long as you are willing to pay the penalty.

Maybe, you just get a speed of below 2mbps instead of 25mbps like the contract stated. So it is reasonable to terminate the contract.

You tried reaching out to Globe but no one was willing to help. A small tip is that you will need to state an exact reason or the customer service representative will consider your request as invalid.

How to disconnect my Globe broadband?

The first thing to do is immediately contact Globe customer representatives. Do note there is a specific team for contract termination. They will be the one to handle your request.

Book an appointment and select Virtual Help Pod.

Here are some ways that you can try to contact the termination team:

  • Book an appointment and select Virtual Help Pod: You need to do this when talking to store representatives doesn’t come to a result. More often than not, they will tell you that they will send to your email a request. However, they don’t have access to contract termination. Therefore, it is better to go for Virtual Help Pod.
  • Discuss your issue: With Virtual Help Pod, you will still be required to take a trip to a branch. However, instead of talking to store officers, you will have a chat with another CS representative using the store’s computer or laptop. The main difference here is that these CS officers can actually cancel your account.
  • Send your Valid ID and Letter of Intent to [email protected] For the subject line, youneed to provide information in this format Account Number_Account Name_Service Type Request.
  • Asked to talk to a termination team agent: After you receive a call from an agent, keep his/her contact information. You can then send them a message via Viber with your requirements.

You can also limit the number of people using your WiFi network, here is how to limit WiFi users Globe at home.

Why shouldn’t you contact Twitter or Messenger help desk?

These aren’t helpful at all. You will likely receive an automated response instead of real help.

How to disconnect Globe at home: penalty fee

If your contract, counting from the approval date, is shorter than 2 years, here is how much you will need to pay.

A standard fee of P2,500 + two months of subscription + remaining bills.

For instance, if your start date is 23 August, 2020. You requested for contract termination on 20 November and was approved on 25 November. If your bill is 1,899, here is what you need to pay:

P2,500 + P1,899 (1st month) + P1,899 (2nd month) + P316.50 (from 20 to 25 November) = P6,614.50

Within 3 weeks, the final bill will be generated by the system. There is a rumor that Fiber plans subscribers will have to pay a penalty fee of P4,500.

Within 3 weeks, the final bill will be generated by the system.

You can pay for your final bill in Globe store or online.

How to disconnect Globe at home: what issues will you encounter?

Similar to other agencies, the situation will differ depending on the people you deal with. So, it is better to find one reliable agent.

There is a chance that your request is denied or delayed. And this will reflect in your next bill’s auto generation.

There is a chance that your request is denied or delayed.

Once your contract is terminated, it will become inactive or disappear in your Globe at Home or Globe One app. If not, it means your contract hasn’t been terminated yet.

Other tips

If you don’t want to deal with all these hassles in canceling your contract, follow these helpful tips suggested by

  • Don’t apply for an Internet plan if you are living in a temporary address. If you aren’t sure about how long you will stay at this address, apply for a prepaid plan.
  • Ask for a termination case number or reference number so that you can easily follow up on your case.
  • If you find the store officers aren’t helpful, go to another store.
  • You should process your termination request at least 10 working days before your statement date.

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