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How To Find My Precinct Number in the Philippines?

Are you wondering and asking yourself about “How to find my precinct number Philippines” for the next election? We are here to help you unravel your query. 

It wasn’t hard to catch the long queue waiting to get the precinct number in the past. To avoid wasting your time and minimize this process, will show you the essential stages to follow the vital event with ease in the next election.

Some Basic Rules To Get The Precinct Number Philippines

There are some commonly asked questions related to this topic. For instance, “Which rules are proper to fill out requested forms?”, “Should you write your status?” or “Where is your balloting station?”

Don’t worry, the Election Commission applies modern factors on polling Elections’ precinct online tool to solve these issues. This finder is the combination of the Government and the Department of Technology & Communication, and it is here in this link. 

Please visit it, and you can easily understand how to get your precinct number. First of all, you need to provide your surname, middle name, first name, and other registration details to fill out the data form. Keep in your mind some below specific rules for voters:  

  • Type a dot in the middle name field if your name doesn’t have a middle name.
  •  If your name has “Ma.” or “Maria,” try the “Ma” version without a dot if other variations aren’t accepted.
  • If your name contains “V” or “Jr,” please try various variations, for instance, lowercase letters or capital letters.
Some specific rules to fill out the form
  • In case you registered in Metro Manila: please follow the below image.
Note for those who register in Metro Manila
  • In case you registered in Sta. Mesa, Manila: select the option “National Capital Region – Manila” as your hometown/province, then choose “Sampaloc” as your municipality/ city. 

How To Find My Precinct Number Philippines

We will guide you on how to get your precinct number in the next year’s midterm election.

Step 1: Visiting the official website of Comelec Precinct Finder here.

A pop-up form on the formal Comelec Precinct Finder page

Step 2: After this page finishes loading,  a pop-up form will appear. Following this, you need to fill in some key information such as your name and the address you enrolled as an elector. 

Input your basic details into the form by following the specific rules mentioned above. 

Voter Information and Registration Details 

Step 3: After you finish the second stage, activate the captcha form and click the light blue button. If the input is valid, the database will accept those data, and the page will also show the voter’s precinct details containing the number and the location.

Note for you: Don’t forget to take a screenshot of this page or write down the essential information for some crucial case.

Besides checking your precinct number, it is also important to check your SSS contributions, here is how to check my SSS contributions.

What To Do If You Can’t Find Your Comelec (Commission Of Election) Precinct Number

In case you still have some trouble finding or getting your precinct number, try to get in contact with these three hotlines as soon as possible:

Furthermore, we recommend you to reach the Comelec office in your area. You can look up the phone number, email, and office address at this link. 

How To Find My Precinct Number Philippines: Wrapping Up

In the Philippines, The year’s general election is held once every three years, and the next time will be in 2022, specifically on Monday, May 9, 2022. Besides, you need to understand that the general election consisted of voting for the country’s presidential and vice-presidential positions, but these are balloted separately. 

An election is a right and the duty of each resident. We participate in the political event, which is synonymous with owning a great opportunity to make our voice. 

In every election, your ballots will contribute to change the general scene, obtain the achievement, or change some policy in a certain sector by voting for the government officials’ new board, which may directly influence the standard of living of the Filippino.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider the attitudes, vision, and decisions of potential political candidates before voting. 

Suppose you still stay with us till this line. In that case, we think that you who are a Filippino can be more confident to answer the question mentioned in the intro of our blog: “how to find my precinct number Philippines,” though even that is your first time to vote in the national election. 

We hope you can follow our instructions very well to complete not only your duty but also to utilize your right wisely. 

Thank you for your time to keep reading the blog, and please share this helpful information with those who need it. Get more helpful tips and advice for Technology geeks in our How-to section.

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