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How To Get Postal ID: A Thorough Tutorial For You

Online shopping or online commerce is blooming with a significant increase in scale and demand. For this reason, postal ID is becoming an indispensable element in anyone’s life. However, many people still have trouble creating their own ID. Don’t worry; as here we would like to show you how to get postal ID to solve the problem.

What Is A Postal ID?

You can relate the Postal ID to the normal ID, but this one is for postal purposes. In 2014, the Philippine Postal Corporation first released the identification for postal transactions inside and outside the Philippines. Up to now, the postal ID also serves as a means for defining a person’s identity in carrying out various financial transactions or taking advantage of government services.

The postal ID also serves as a means for defining a person’s identity.

In the very first version, a postal ID included the user’s address and basic information. Yet, from 2015 to the present day, Philippine Postal Corporation has been inserting holder’s biometrics data into the ID. Thanks to this source of information, this card can be beneficial for security purposes.

Who Is Eligible For A Philippine Postal ID?

Anyone can apply for a Philippine Postal ID, even if you are Filipino citizens or foreigners. Yet, each type of applicant must fully meet specific conditions:

  • Filipino citizen (residing abroad or living in the Philippines): must be living or residing in the Philippines during the registration time.
  • Foreigners: Before the application, a foreigner must live at least six months in the Philippines.

The Updated Features In The New And Improved Postal ID?

The most remarkable feature you can recognize on the new and improved postal ID is its security features. The new ID is now relatively similar to the ID issued by the government. With the updated version, the ID card can keep your private information with the optimal level of protection. The verifying process is also getting more effortless with a smartphone.

Key Features Of The New Postal ID

Now, we will go into more detailed features of the new postal ID:

  • The card now has a mailman symbol designed in the hologram style for security purposes. You can clearly see this mark from any angle.
  • You must submit your biometrics data and personal information at any legal postal office. Otherwise, your identity is invalid.
  • Only the main location has the authority to print the updated version of the postal ID to eliminate the risk of duplication.
  • Along with the card, the Philippine Postal Corporation releases a smartphone app called Postal ID Verification to verify your information. This app will utilize the QR-scan feature on smartphones to recognize the QR code on your card.
  • Fingerprint verification is also convenient and precise, thanks to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

What Is The Validity Of A Postal ID?

The validity of a postal ID will vary depending on who you are, foreigners, or Filipino citizens. A Filipino citizen can use the postal ID for no more than 36 months before asking for the re-authorized process. 

On the other hand, if you are a foreigner living in the Philippines, your postal ID is valid for 12 months. In case you have the Special Retiree Resident Visa, you can use the ID card as a Filipino citizen within 36 months.

Application Requirements

You have to hand on the original version along with a xerox copy of some documents below if you want to apply for a new ID card:

  1. Prepare the accomplished application form (two copies)
  2. You need to submit one of these documents for the sake of your identity:
    1. SSS UMIS/GSIS card
    2. Passport within validation
    3. Driver’s license within the validation
    4. Local Civil Registry-issued Birth Certificate or NSO
    5. In case you don’t have the documents above or it is invalid, you need to present two of these documents. As long as they have your photo and signature:
      1. BIR ID
      2. Birth Certificate 
      3. Baptismal Certificate 
      4. Confirmation Certificate
      5. Transcript of Records
      6. Marriage Certificate
      7. Elementary or High School Form 137
      8. Company ID
      9. School ID
      10. OWWA ID
      11. Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
      12. NBI Clearance
      13. PAGIBIG ID
      14. PRC ID
      15. Philhealth ID
      16. Seaman’s Book
      17. Police Clearance 
      18. Tax ID
      19. Senior Citizen ID
      20. Voter ID
  3. Submit one of these documents below for proving your address:
    1. Bank Statement
    2. Utility Bill
    3. Certified True Copy Of Lease
    4. School Billing
    5. Certified True Copy Of Real Estate Tax receipt
    6. Barangay Certificate Of Residency (You should have got this document 3 months before applying for a new Postal ID)

Requirements For Foreign Residents

Many foreigners don’t know how to get Postal ID in the Philippines, and we will show you the fundamental documents needed for foreign residents to register and get themselves an updated ID:

  1. Duty-accomplished application form
  2. Documents for proving your identity:
    1. Passport 
    2. Documents for proving your stay in the Philippines:
      1. Diplomatic Visa
      2. Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension
      3. Special Resident Retiree’s Visa
      4. Temporary Resident Visa
      5. Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card
  3. Documents for proving your present address:
    1. Bank statement
    2. School Billing
    3. Utility Bill
    4. Transient home, hotel, temporary residence certificate
    5. Statement of account from the temporary residence certificate, hotel
    6. Land, house, or condo lease contact
    7. Barangay Certificate of residency temporary residence certificate

How To Apply For A Postal ID?

The procedures for applying for a Postal ID are straightforward. You can follow these three steps:

  1. Go to the post office and give the authorized staff the required documents you have prepared.
  2. Fill in the required fields about your information in the application form.
  3. Before submitting the documents and the application form, you can submit your fingerprint data and photo at any valid station that provides ID capture.

No more than 21 working days, you will get your Postal ID. If you want to decrease the waiting time, you need to pay extra fees.

How To Apply Online?

From the three steps above, you can only complete the filling application form process online. The form can be downloaded from the Internet, and you can fill it in at home. After finishing this stage, you still have to take on the two remaining steps as in the tutorial above.

Application Fees And Release And Delivery

The official fees:

Here is the answer if you want to know how many days to get your ID:

How To Upgrade Your Old (Valid) ID Into The New ID Card?

You have to fill all of your information in an application form. Then, submit it and your existing (old) ID at an authorized post office. The other procedures will continue as when you apply for your first Postal ID.

Bottom Lines

In this post, we have provided you with all the essential information about the Postal ID and how to get Postal ID Philippines. This ID is crucial in our modern society, and you should have it whether for financial purposes or not. The procedure is not complicated. Carefully prepare all the required documents and fill in the application form. The rest is waiting for your recently registered ID to arrive. For more articles like this, check out

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