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How To Hide Reactions On Facebook? All You Need To Know

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Millions of users are active on this network. Sharing of posts and photos happens on this platform daily. Anyone can connect with these posts and photos with the help of any social media account.

How to hide reactions on Facebook?

In this regard, people like to react to these posts and photos with the help of a like or dislike button. Most of these reactions are public, and it is available to all the user’s friends. But there are some situations when you might want to hide your reaction from the public view. 

Continue reading to find out how to hide reactions on Facebook!

How To Hide Reactions On Facebook Post?

If you want to hide the number of reactions to the writing and your friends’ posts, you must first access the “Reaction preferences” setting. Once there, allow “On your posts” and “On posts from others”. It will allow you to hide reactions to your posts and others. 

You don’t like to show the number of reactions on your post.

If you turn on “On posts from others”, reactions can disappear on others’ content but not yours; however you turn that one-off, they won’t find any of the pictures or videos, or texts that have been tagged with lots of different emoji – which is their loss!

How To Hide Reactions On Facebook? There are three steps that you have to perform:

The first thing you want to do is open Facebook. It can be on your desktop or mobile app; either way works. You want to have the Facebook app on your mobile phone, though. 

Once you log in (or sign up) on Facebook, you’ll find a colored icon of three stacked lines at the bottom right end of the screen on your newsfeed or profile page. Next, tap that icon and scroll down to “Settings”.

Tapping the “Settings” icon will take you to the settings of the account for you to adjust whatever information needs updating or adjusting. This contains the account info, password, and privacy options like “delete reaction data,” for example. 

Below the header of “Preferences”, check “Reaction Preferences” so that you can access the reaction preferences, where you can choose from reactions like ‘Love It’, ‘Wink’, etc.

If you tap on “Controls,” you will be directed to the next page, where there are two options: hide the reactions from others as well as the total reactions amount to other people’s posts. Both of these default settings are disabled. 

You can hide the number of reactions on Facebook

When you disable both these, you won’t see any reaction counts at all for your personal News Feed and News Feed links for pages or groups except your posts that show up within Marketplace and reels published by Facebook pages or groups.

How To Hide The Number Of Reactions On Facebook Page?

When you have a lot of reactions on your Facebook page, it can look messy. The reactions are a new way to comment on a post. Some businesses use them to encourage their audience to engage. 

If you use them and don’t want the number of reactions showing, there are many ways to hide them. This way, you can hide your reactions while still allowing people to be able to see them.

You can also hide the quantity of reactions on Page’s post.

How To Make Likes Private?

In case you want to make your Facebook post private, you can do this in a few ways. You can directly click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose to make your post public or private. You can also edit the privacy of your post after you publish it. 

If you make your post public, your comments and reactions will still be visible to the public. When you make it private, your comments and likes will only be accessible to the people who have liked your post. If you only want to make your likes private but your comments public, you can do that as well.

Who Could See Comments And Likes On Your Facebook?

Facebook is a great way to connect with people and share your thoughts. But who could see comments and likes on your Facebook? The answer to that question is that it depends on what you choose to share and the settings you have chosen. 

For instance, by default, only your friends can see what you are putting up on Facebook. If you want the public to see it, you can change this setting. This setting is for all of your posts. 

If you want certain posts to be seen by a more limited group, that is possible by creating a separate post for them. With a post to be private, you can set it to be only seen by you.


Hiding your Facebook reactions can help reduce the amount of information people can see about you on Facebook. It can also help you reduce the amount of information you share. Hope you like Techiestuffph‘s post on how to hide reactions on Facebook and success in your life. Cheer!

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