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How To Join Discord Server – Direction For Any Devices

Discord is currently among the world’s quickest social networks since its debut. It has become the best app for players looking for another way to have in-game interactions in the gaming aspect. 

A gamer who does not own an online account is rare nowadays, and a user who is not involved in any online group is almost non-existent. 

A desire for connectivity online is always there, so we will describe it thoroughly in the following article to help you learn how to join Discord server on any device.

How To Join Discord Server


You will need an invite URL saved to your clipboard when connecting via this method. You may log in directly on the website, or you must download it to your desktop. Once installed, look for its icon on your computer screen, then double-click it to start the application.

How to join discord server – Add a server

After getting into the platform, scroll down from the top of the recent interaction menu and choose an adding option. It appears like a big plus symbol on the left panel. 

Then, a menu shows up with various selections. Scroll down to the end and click the connect button. Then, paste the link you have copied in the invite link section and link in.


It is also quite simple how to join a discord server on mobile. Similarly, you will need an invite link to that group. Open the application on your smartphone, then scroll to the end of your access list.

Click the plus-shaped button and choose the “Join a Friend” option at the bottom. Please copy the link and add it to the Invite link area. Then you are added.

Other Tools

Communities Search

On the contrary, how to join a discord server without an invite link? When you apply to a registered online community, it will appear as a public group, and you may search for a way in. Navigate through your list in the platform client.

Then, activate Explore Public Servers, which resembles a compass. You may use the Explore Communities feature in the center to choose one that excites you, or you can choose between tabs on your left to discover some most popular groups.


The Disboard has been around even before the Communities method. It is a service that allows you to search among thousands of active communities to locate one that you enjoy. 

For how to join server in discord using search engines, choose a category that you think is relevant to the topic you’re looking for. Finally, apply the same steps, and you may get in with ease.

The explore feature


Is It Possible To Get Hacked By Connecting To A Community?

No, you cannot be hacked just by doing so. It is a widespread misunderstanding since many private groups have rules and restrictions that you must agree to before entering.

Only click on safe connection

You should be aware that accepting these terms will not endanger your private details. However, you can not claim the same when you decide to provide your account details to a stranger on the internet. You should keep your credentials confidential at all times! 

Is There A Virus Attack That Occurred By Connecting In?

When connecting to the application, it will not infect your device with any spyware or viruses. However, while interacting with users, they may post unknown URLs on the chat that you may click on by accident. 

Sometimes these links can be harmful and contain viruses, so keep alert and be careful when you decide to click on one.

Can You Stay Connected If You Don’t Have An Account?

When you accept an invite link. you may stay connected for a limited time. If you haven’t created an account yet, the application will send you a form to enter a username to continue. 

Yet this is only a temporary solution, and you must establish an official account to have full access to all functions.


These are our methods for “how to join discord server” to help you stay connected anytime with any device. The process will always be very simple when you acquire an invite link before accessing the application. 

However, you may apply our approaches when you want to find a specific community to have fun in.

In case you need more guidance posts on technology stuff, check out our How to category.

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