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How To Load Beep Card Using Gcash?

Beep is a smart card that can give you access to public transport in Metro Manila and other cities. One of the great things about Beep is that you can load it with cash. So what is Gcash? Gcash is a prepaid card you can use to load your Beep card. This writing will give you step-by-step instructions on how to load beep card using Gcash.

How To Load Beep Card Using Gcash?

How to load your beep card? Follow these steps on how to reload your Beep card with GCash! 

  • Step 1: Have the Beep app on your phone. 
  • Step 2: Click your registered beep card or How to Load an Unregistered Beep Card.
  • Step 3: Select a Reload Amount or pick up from available choices and tap the Continue button. 
Beep card
  • Step 4: Tap again on “Continue” twice. 
  • Step 5: Launch the GCash app and log on to your account there. This can either be through the GCash website or by clicking “Not registered yet?”. 
  • Step 6: Confirm GCash Payment. Tap OK or double-tap YES in the confirmation dialogue box.
  • Step 7: Click Back to the merchant if you use Cebuana as a merchant bank. 
  • Step 8: Follow prompts for placing the beep card. When ready, PLEASE WAIT for a notification that confirms that the beep card has been loaded!

Methods Loading Beep Card Online

You can pay for your ride by reloading using the beep app and other means such as UnionBank’sUnionBank’s EON, BPI online and mobile, Loadit at Cebuana Lhuillier locations, and G-Cash at participating SM Supermalls. You might also reload at a teller booth or vending machine ticket in and around train stations. 

Using Beep card via Gcash

Choose Villarica Pawnshop branches, Tambunting, and G-XChange in Glorietta branches as mini stop stores such as Liberty Stationery, Bayad Center, and all Ministop outlets.

How Do I Know If My Beep Card Is Loading?

If you aren’t sure if your card is loading, check the top left-hand corner screen. It should say “Austin Pass” when your card is loading, which may take a few minutes if you just bought or loaded your card. You can use your phone to reload your beep prepaid card. 

When you have an Android phone with NFC capabilities or an iPhone 6 upper, you can have the beep mobile app on Google Play and iTunes, respectively, to start using this feature. 

You’ll need to register your card alternatively if you have account, open the app, choose the balance symbol on your dashboard, then load cash into your beep card!

Beep Card Load Balance Checking

For those who want to find out how much load is left on your beep card, there are many ways:

Beep card

If your beep card is registered, you can check using the Beep app or check using teller booths at different train stations.

Sometimes it takes time for the beep card to register its balance through the Beep app; in that case, you can simply call up Coins. Ph (contact numbers below) and ask them about the balance left on your card.

Those with China Bank accounts are advised to check their bank accounts as some banks will post alerts when transactions happen on their credit/debit cards. 


Can I Use Paymaya As A Beep Card?

Yes, you can use PayMaya as a beep card. Just load your beep card details to your PayMaya Virtual e-Wallet and use your PayMaya as your physical beep card for easy access to your money. PayMaya will be your virtual beep card for public transport. 

Take the LRT or MRT, load your PayMaya to your beep card, tap at the turnstile, and go! You can also use PayMaya for jeepney rides. PayMaya is accepted at all rides. If you have a jeepney ride with a fare increase, you can just top up your PayMaya.

How to load Beep card using Gcash

Can I Use Gcash Mastercard As A Beep Card?

Yes, you can use the GCash MasterCard as a beep card. You have to register and activate your Mastercard. Once you have done that, your GCash MasterCard will be linked to your phone. 

When linking your beep card account, your balance will automatically update every time you reload. You can also transfer money through mobile banking or select GCash merchants. Furthermore, you can use the GCash MasterCard to pay for goods and services wherein the network is available.

Is It Possible To Load Beep Card By ATMs?

You can load your Beep card by ATM. If you have a beep card and want to load it with money, you can do that by taking it to an ATM. It’s easy to do. Go to the machine and follow the steps. 

Choose the option to add beep money, insert your card into the machine and follow the steps! It will take a few minutes, but then you’ll have lots of extra money on your card! There are ATMs located all over the city, so don’t worry about not having one nearby. Remember that you must pay a transaction fee to reload your beep card at some ATMs.


Today, Gcash announced a new way for commuters to pay for their rides using their mobile phones. This new technology is one of many ways that we are working to make public transportation convenient and easy for everyone. 

We hope you found this blog post to help you learn how to load beep card using Gcash! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Techies Stuff Philippines at any time. Cheer!

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