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How To Pasaload Smart Prepaid, Postpaid, Smart To Globe

Sometimes you run out of load, data, or texts while communicating with your friends via texts, messaging apps, or calls. Then you will have to load your SIM to continue the communication. However, loading stations or retailers are not always available or close to you. That is when pasaload service comes in handy. In this article, we will help you how to pasaload Smart.

What is Pasaload Smart?

What is Pasaload Smart?

This is a service that helps network subscribers to share their load to users in other networks, TNT, Sun, and TNT numbers. The service is very useful when you want to load your account when loading stations are not available. 

The process of transferring credit is pretty simple, but it might be a bit confusing for first-time network users. 

How to Pasaload In Smart postpaid 

Are postpaid subscribers allowed to transfer load via Pasaload? Yes, they can share packages or credit with other users using TNT or prepaid. All you have to do is sending a text message to 808 following this format:

  • Text PASALOAD number of the recipient amount

For example: PASALOAD 0918123456 120

The transaction fee and the amount you have just transferred will be added to your Monthly Service Fee.

How to Pasaload Smart prepaid

Smart subscribers, Smart Bo, and Talk N Text can use this service. The service will deduct the transferred amount along with a charge of 1P from the sender’s balance. After finishing the Pasaload, 808 will send you a validation message. If you want to proceed with the transfer, reply “Yes”. You have to reply within 5 minutes or else the transaction will be declined. 

The procedures will be different when you transfer the load to TM, TNT, and Globe. You don’t know how much you have in your account? Follow our guide here to find out.

How to Pasaload Smart to Smart 

You can easily transfer load from Smart to Smart users by following these simple steps:

  • PASALOAD Recipient’s Number Amount
  • Send to 808

For instance, if you want to send P10 to 0919999999, then send ‘PASALOAD 0919999999 10’ to 808.

How to Pasaload Smart to TNT 

There are two ways for you to convert Smart load to TNT load. 

1. Send a text to 808 using the following format


For instance, PASALOAD 09191111111 20, and send to 808.


For example, 09191111111 20 and then send to 808. The server will then send you a text message to confirm the transaction. If you want to proceed, reply “yes”. Or else, reply “no” to cancel. 

How to Pasaload Smart to Globe 

There have been lots of discussions regarding how to send packages or load from Smart to Globe. So, is there any way to Pasaload Globe using Smart? 

Sadly, the answer is no. You can’t directly pasa load from Smart to Globe at the moment. You can only sell your Smart load to another Smart user and then use the money to buy Globe load.

Hopefully, this guide on how to Pasaload Smart is helpful to you. For more useful guides, feel free to check out our How to section on our website Techiestuffph.

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