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How To Use Youtube Shorts?- The Best Guide For New Video Creators!

Everyone knows Youtube, but not Youtube Shorts. It is a new media platform from this social network that allows you to post short videos instantly and get views from the public audience if its content is relative enough.

If you are a video creator or love making videos, this is the full guide on how to use Youtube Shorts! Check out our detailed instructions to become the most creative yet efficient creator!

Youtube Shorts

How To Use YouTube Short?

How To Make A YouTube Shorts? You only need three steps to make a contributing Youtube Shorts! Here are the process of creating such a video:

Step 1: Download the YouTube app

This step is extremely easy, and it sounds quite obvious. However, editors usually neglect or forget it since they expect to make a Youtube Short in a separate app. 

If you want to make a Short, you have to use your existing Youtube app or download it if you haven’t had it on your phone. The company plays a smart trick here, as making short instant videos or long traditional ones stays in one place. 

Here are the steps to download the Youtube app: 

  • Access your account in App Store or CH Play and search for Youtube
  • Download the official app
  • Login to Youtube using your existing Google account or the account you created separately for making videos.

Step 2: Make Video

Follow this procedure to get your hands on how to make Youtube shorts video:Select the Plus(+) icon at the homepage’s bottom corner. You will find and click on the phrase “Create a Short.”

There are two-time settings: 15-second and 60-second. For the 15-second, you can immediately start recording by holding the red record button and unholding it to stop. For the 60-second, tap on the “15-second” and change it to 60 before holding the recording button.

Check the toolbar on the screen’s right-bottom for special elements, effects, and filters. Select the “Add sound” icon at the top for sound and Music. The track will be available to add only before recording or after editing.

how to use youtube shorts

So, how to upload shorts from mobile or how to upload Youtube shorts from PC? For existing videos, tap on the same Plus button and choose to upload a video in your Gallery instead of recording one at the moment. Then, continue with the feature-adding steps. 

Step 3: Edit And Publish Your Short

  1. When done with recordings, hit the checkmark to save your product.
  2. Complete your Short once again with Music, text, filters, animation, etc.; everything to make your Short more interesting to viewers is welcome. You can control when the special effects appear by pressing the timeline icon.
  3. Hit the Next button when you are ready to publish the final video. Put in some details that Youtube Short asks for, including the caption, its visibility, and publish time. 
  4. Let the social network know whether your video is children-suitable or not, then press Upload Short to publish your final product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are YouTube Shorts?

The maximum length of a Short is 60 seconds or less. The final video can be a whole length of 60-second or multiple 15-second videos combined. 

However, if you input Music from the Youtube menu, your videos will only be restricted to 15 seconds.

How to make a Youtube Shorts

How To Monetize Youtube Shorts?

Many video creators have been familiar with Tiktok, as this is the head-to-head rival with Shorts when monetizing from short videos. 

Tiktok creators can make money from their videos if there is a sponsorship or when the videos reach a certain quantity. Unfortunately, that is not the same way with the platform, as there has not been monetization for Youtube Shorts.

Shorts can help increase your channel’s views and subscribers, and those growths bring higher opportunities for getting money. 

By posting short, entertaining videos, you can attract viewers to watch your longer products, and that’s how the money can go into your bank account by Shorts!

What Can You Do With Shorts?

There are various activities you can do with this new, hyper short-video platform, including:

Showing less serious videos

Sometimes you have a cool, fun video that is not serious enough to be a video. Youtube Shorts become the highlight as you can post them on this platform without much editing, as long as you think it is fun, entertaining, and viewer-attracting.

Create Real Engagement

People usually interact with short, related videos rather than long ones. Hence, creating multiple Shorts is a good way to get your target audience’s real engagement. Hence they will easily be drawn to your channel with the same content and topic. 

Jump On Trends

If you wish to be one of the first people to hop on the trends, Shorts will allow you to be one! This is the place where most trends are made and continued. 

So, whether you are a trend maker or a person who loves following trends, creating a Youtube Short is one of the best ways to help you achieve it!


And that’s all on how to use Youtube Shorts! Easy, right? After reading this insightful Youtube shorts tutorial, we are sure that you will ace this short-video platform with ease!

Thank you for reading our article on Techiesstuff, and good luck on your journey of becoming the most influential video creators ever!

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