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Maybe You Missed Top 10 Technology Companies In The Philippines 2022

In recent years, the technology industry in the Philippines has grown rapidly. Annually, 130,000 new graduates with outstanding skills struggle to find a job opportunity in the digital world. That is why employment possibilities in this field are more desirable than ever. With fierce competition for an open position, here is a list of the top 10 technology companies in the Philippines by!

Complete List Of Top 10 Tech Companies In The Philippines 2021

Philippines-based Companies 

Local businesses in the Philippines are gradually changing their labor and work environment policies to integrate with global development. Below is a list of the companies with the best employee compensation.

Novare Technologies

Novare Technologies Philippines

Novare Technologies now supports most global technology services. Its main areas include project management, service delivery, software solutions, and software engineering. 

The key group of customers is telecommunications and financial corporations. 

With the great fostering talents programs, the company attracts many of the best engineers and developers. Although the salaries are not too attractive (about Php 17,000 – Php 21,000 for junior positions), Novare still remains one of the best places to work in the Philippines thanks to its cultural diversity and professionalism.

Smart Communications

Smart Communications

Smart Communications has maintained its position as a giant in the telecom market since 1990. As a workplace, the company has never lost its attractiveness to the employees. 

One of the things that makes this desirability is the company’s unique rewards policy – a 21-month bonus. It is seen as a tribute to the excellent employees for their great contributions to the company’s success in one year.


Redfox technology company

RedFox, formerly a branch of Asian Tech Computer Corporation, operates mainly in computer and mobile.

During the development, the company has won many awards for its inventions such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, AV systems, and e-readers.

Globally, RedFox also gained recognition as the Best Innovative Computer Brand winner in Q Asia in 2016 and Super Brands Awardee from 2010 to 2015. 

Under the ingenious leadership of the Director and CEO, Andy Le, the RedFox brand has expanded its popularity in some Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan.


When mentioning Kalibrr, the media always praises the two talented founders who graduated from the University of California Berkeley – Paul River and Dexter Ligot-Gordon.

Their creations brought innovations to the Philippines recruitment landscape. Kalibrr, their company’s name, is also the name of the application that supports the recruitment and staffing process using the cloud.

Kalibrr application

Through this application, partner companies can post job vacancies for free and even search for suitable candidates. For each accepted application, they pay only $1.12 or Php50.

With the excellent ability to optimize the enrollment activity, the company currently serves many large corporations and even government agencies.

Xurpas Inc

consumer technology company in the Philippines

Xurpas Inc is currently the largest consumer technology company in the Philippines. Its main service is to provide content to telecom operators.

In 2014, the company went public in the Philippine Stock Exchange. So far, it has become the largest listed company in Southeast Asia with a market capitalization of Php 30 billion.

The company has expanded its business into many areas such as mobile applications, enterprise solutions, system architecture for HR platforms, etc.

The company also implemented strategies to attack new markets such as Singapore and Indonesia.

Other High Technology Companies In The Country

Foreign-owned corporations are often seen as a great working opportunity to experience cultural diversity. And here are the top five most beloved companies in the Philippines.

Facebook Philippines

Facebook Philippines

The market leader in the social network industry opened its first Philippines office in April 2006. There are many positions available even for recent graduates such as ad publishing, media operations and community operations.

A diverse and challenging working culture is what Facebook has always committed to doing at any branch worldwide. 

The human resource policy also encourages employees to “be bold” and upholds talent development opportunities.

Canon Philippines

canon philippines office

Canon Philippines office is located in Manila. The main service focuses on cameras, printers, and other digital devices.

Most of the employees think that the salary is not lucrative. However, the remuneration is absolutely excellent. One of them is a learning opportunity.

Special projects overseas for a few months, or even years, are experiences that Canon employees have always set as a goal. Team-building tours also help to increase long-term engagement with the company.

Google Philippines

high technology company in the philippines

Compared to the rest of the companies on this list, Google has only recently arrived in the Philippines since January 2019. However, its global reputation has never lost its appeal to job seekers.

Nothing could be more attractive than high salaries and an excellent working environment. The company always creates favorable conditions to encourage creativity and promote communication among colleagues.

IBM Philippines

IBM has a long history of global development. And so is the Philippines when it began operations here in 1937.

information technology companies in the philippines

Competitive salaries and great incentives are what employees at IBM have received over the years. Moreover, diverse job categories also open up more opportunities to the Filipinos.

To date, the company’s service portfolio has included hardware, software, and IT for key partners such as Apple, Twitter, and Hootsuite.

Hewlett-Packard Philippines

HP Philippines

Entering the Philippines in 2003, Hewlett-Packard has become one of the most popular companies thanks to its salary package and fascinating working culture.

There are many engineers and developers dedicated to the success of the company over a long period. Striving to help employees balance work and life is the trade-off for long-term commitment.


This article has just shown you a list of the top 10 technology companies in the Philippines. All of them offer affordable salaries and a professional working environment. Above all, we hope you can find a suitable workplace to maximize your self-development and establish a long-term relationship with it. Check out our Latest Stories for more updated tech news!

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