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The Best Electric Fan For Aesthetic People: Which One Is For You?

Apart from preventing heavy sweating under scorching weather, an electric fan can show your sense of aesthetics. 

If you install the fan in your house, it will stand out as a practical and elegant decoration, even during outdoor activities, where your well-designed fan can make others admire your subtlety. To help you upgrade your house appearance, we will give you a top list of the most worthy-buying aesthetic electric fans.

The Best Electric Fan For Aesthetic People

Below are the ten most optimal electric fans on the market to cool you down and show a great sense of aesthetic.

Asahi XF-6081 Fan – Best For Retro Vibe

Bringing back the retro vibe is a common trend in the present day. To satisfy the demand of customers, Asahi releases the XF-6081 fan. This product has a wooden print design which will bring you the vibe of the good old days with its cozy and elegant appearance. 

Asahi XF-6081.

Besides having a vintage outlook, the Asahi XF-6081 efficiently blows away the hot air due to its three fan blades, adjustable height, 90-degree oscillation, and 1400 RPM speed.

Omni RDF-200 Fan-Best For Its Compact Design

A bulky electric fan is unfavorable for a moderate-sized apartment or studio. The Omni RDF-200 is not that type of electric fan. It owns a compact design and the ability to transform from a desk fan into a stand fan. This characteristic makes the RDF-200 become a worth-buying electric fan for small houses.

Omni RDF-200.

In the default shape, the RDF-200 is a desk fan. Yet, you can extend its height ten times. Its folding dimension is (L x W x H) 19.7 x 19.7 x 9.3 cm, with its height measures 97.5 cm for the unfold dimension.

Firefly FEL-654 Fan – Best For Rechargeable Feature

Electricity cut-off is truly a disaster in the hot temperature of the summer. For this reason, we should have a fan that can run on its reserved power. Firefly FEL-645 is your solution. It’s a rechargeable fan with an exquisite outlook.

Firefly FEL-654.

The FEL-654 runs on a 10W Lithium-Ion battery, which can generate enough power for this fan to function for hours depending on the fan speed you use. Plus, you can recharge it easily via the provided USB charging cable. 

It also offers more than one charging method. Instead of connecting it directly to the sockets, you can refill its battery with a power bank.

Fukuda FRF600 Fan – Best For Portability

Taking an electric fan to your office is a favorable way to cool yourself and show your aesthetic sense at the same time. In this case, Fukuda FRF600 is a noteworthy product.

Fukuda FRF600.

The FRF600’s specifications (L x W x H) are 17 x 14 x 26,8 cm. This specs set represents that you will have no difficulty carrying it to your office and placing it on your desk. The Fukuda fan runs on battery instead of electric cords, so its portability is greater without the messy cords.

MUJI Fan – Best For Quietness

If quietness is the electric fan’s feature you are seeking, you can’t ignore this MUJI desk fan. It will bring you the utmost quietness when you need to focus on your work or circulate cool air for your baby to sleep. In detail, it generates only 25 dB in weak mode and 30 dB in strong mode. 

MUJI fan.

It’s a suitable utility for children’s bedrooms because it comes with cute color options of off-white, blue, and pink.

Toshiba F0-LSD10 Fan-Best For Convenient Control

For anyone living in a house with fully white interiors, this all-white Toshiba F0-LSD10 is an optimal choice to fit your place. 

Nevertheless, what makes this electric fan impressive is its convenient remote control. Via the control, you can stay still while adjusting its speed, silent mode, and oscillation. With all these factors, the F0-LSD10 is appropriate for you to place in your elegant living room.

Next on our best products list is the TF10GX fan from 3D.

3D TF10GX Fan – Best For Drawing Attention

This all-red TF10GX fan from 3D will be a wonderful decoration in your house instead of solely being a fan. The vibrant red color will contrast with other interiors in your house to make it a noteworthy ornament. Hence, it can easily draw guest’s attention when they come to your house.

3D TF10GX Fan.

Air Monster 15740 Fan – Best For Power

From its name, “Air Monster,” you can somehow imagine how powerful this electric fan is. The Air Monster 15740 receives remarkable energy from a 55W motor and functions on 220V of electricity source. These two factors significantly contribute to the powerful air delivery of the 15740. 

Air Monster 15740.

Still, that is not all this “Monster” has. It possesses adjustable height for you to turn it into a stand fan for a better cooling effect.

Vornado OSCR37PH – Best For Air Circulation

The ninth position is a fan with a sleek black and tower-shaped design with a height up to 93 cm. The nearly one-meter height boosts the Vornado fan’s ability to deliver cool and fresh air back and forth. Instead of cooling a specific spot, this fan can cover the whole room.

Vornado OSCR37PH.

Furthermore, the excellent air-circulation feature combined with the four different speed modes can cool down a crowded room with ease.

If you are looking for split-type air-conditioners, check out our post on split type aircon price Philippines.

Dyson Pure Cool Me – Best For Integrated Technology

This Dyson fan is the most expensive product among all of these electric fans. The Pure Cool Me is an appropriate decoration for smart penthouses or villas due to its futuristic sci-fi outlook. 

Dyson Pure Cool Me
Dyson Pure Cool Me.

The integrated screen will show you all the essential notifications like the fan speed, the speed mode, timing mode, or sleeping mode, and when you need to change the filter. You can control this item with utter precision via the steel-like finish and user-friendly remote.


Looking for aesthetic decoration for your places is not a complicated task. However, finding a fan both for ornamenting and cooling purposes is another story. The top list above has shown you the best electric fan with subtle designs to show your aesthetic sense even when you place it at home or take it to the workplace. We hope that our recommendation will be useful for you to pick the item that suits you best. For more articles like this, please visit

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