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How to cash-in gcash in 7/11?

How to cash-in Gcash in 7/11: GCash wallets have become an essential part of our lives since the start of the pandemic. It allows you to send money to anyone with a GCash account and it even allows you to deposit cash directly into your bank account and we already know how to cash-in gcash in 7/11.

How to cash-in Gcash in 7-eleven?

GCash wallet has become an important part of the lives of many Filipinos in the current 4.0 technology era. It allows you to send money to anyone with a GCash account (you don’t even need to be a Globe subscriber) and it even allows you to deposit cash directly into a bank account. As a result, many were disappointed when a transaction fee was imposed late last year to transfer GCash to other banks. The fees don’t end there. You can pay with cash, you can buy items with QR payment and you can buy a GCash Mastercard at 711. According to a recent update, you can also order from Food Panda and pay by GCash.

7/11 cash in Gcash fee

We can only top up through Cliqq kiosk or Cliqq app. There was a time when you could use barcodes to withdraw money in 7-11 (similar to Paymaya), but it was discontinued for some reason.

Here are the steps:

  • From the home page, select the E-Money button, then tap on the GCash option.
  • Enter your mobile number, amount and confirm.
  • The machine will print a barcode to pay the cashier.
  • After successful payment, you will receive the amount in your GCash wallet and SMS notification.

7-Eleven charges a convenience fee for all GCash withdrawals

Starting May 17, GCash cashless withdrawals from 7-Eleven will have a 1% convenience fee. That means if you cash in P500 you will only get P495 and if you cash out P10,000 you will get P9,900. This is automatically deducted from the amount you will receive, so if you are an online seller and your customers do not know, you will lose a lot.

7-Eleven convenience fees are not new. But in the past, they would only charge a certain percentage when your over-the-counter purchases amounted to more than 8,000 pesos. This new change will deduct a percentage from every transaction.

It might look like a small amount of money, but when all these small amounts accumulate, you will realize that you are losing a lot of money. And since we want you and everyone to keep their money full, here are ways you can tackle this new convenience fee.

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How to withdraw money from Gcash in 7/11?

7/11 has been integrated with GCash to provide QR payments. You must present a QR code or barcode at checkout and scan it. As soon as the payment is successful, there will be an in-app and SMS notification. Here are the steps:

  • From the GCash app, click QR Payment. You need to make sure you have enough funds in your account to pay for your purchase.
  • On the QR/Barcode Payment page, click Generate Code.
  • Ask the cashier to scan the QR code/barcode. Once the payment has been processed, you will see a success message in the app.
  • You will also receive an SMS notification.


It looks like the 1% convenience fee comes from 7-Eleven itself and not from GCash. Thankfully, there are other workarounds to avoid extra costs. Share this article with your friends and celebrities to make sure they benefit from these hacks! Stay tuned with us for more!

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