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How to Pay Police Clearance via GCash

Whether you are a first-time job seeker or hired by a new company, securing police clearance is essential to getting and starting your job. And since many people are applying for this document, the Philippine National Police (PNP) now allows Filipinos to get their PNP police pass online and pay through GCash. So, if you are wondering how to pay Police Clearance via GCash, keep reading.

What is Police Clearance?

A government-issued document certifying that an individual has no criminal record, a Police Identity Card is one of the main requirements employers ask for job seekers. In addition, this document is a valid ID commonly accepted in the Philippines for various transactions, including credit cards, NBI clearance, and national ID applications. Otherwise, a Police Certificate cannot be used as a valid ID when applying for or renewing Comelec’s passport and voter registration.

You can get it by the standard method of waiting in line at police clearance offices in town or city halls, but getting it online may be a quicker option.

What is Police Clearance?
What is Police Clearance?

How much is the Police Clearance fee?

The Police Clearance Fee is P150, and around P10 or more may be applied to the convenience fee depending on the chosen counter-dealer. In contrast, first-time job seekers no longer have to pay P150 under RA 11261.

How to pay Police Clearance thru GCash?

If you have applied for a Police Permit over the years, you should know how difficult it is to queue at police stations to get this document. But through PNP’s newest system you can now book appointment and pay Police Clearance using GCash. Doing so ensures that you can get your Police Permit on the day of your visit and won’t have to leave empty-handed. So to get this document follow below steps on how to pay national Police Clearance via gcash:

National Police Clearance System
  1. Visit the National Police Clearance System.
  2. If you don’t have an account, click Sign In or Sign Up.
  3. Once logged in, click on Clearance Application on the home page. Also, make sure to complete your profile to continue.
  4. Select Purpose, Police Station Location, and Appointment Date and click Next.
  5. On the Choose a payment option page, click Phils’ LandBank to see the amount due and click Next.
  6. Click Save Appointment.
  7. On the Subscriber Transactions page, tap the Click here to Pay button for more options. After that, you will switch to LandBank electronic payment gateway.
  8. Double-check your transaction details.
  9. Click Select next to Payment Options and select Pay with Cash.
  10. Click Agree to the Terms & Conditions then Submit.
  11. On the MYEG page, select any to generate a Dragonpay Reference Number and click Continue. A convenience fee may also apply depending on your preferred over-the-counter drug partner.
  12. Launch the GCash app on your mobile device.
  13. Click Payments on the dashboard.
  14. Select Payment Solutions in the Category.
  15. Select Dragonpay as the payer.
  16. Enter the amount to be paid for the Police Clearance Fee and the generated Dragonpay Reference Number.
  17. Provide your phone number and email (optional), and click Next.
  18. Re-check your transaction details, and click Confirm to pay the Police License via GCash.
How to pay Police Clearance thru GCash?

Is there a price associated with paying online for a police check using GCash?

Yes, in addition to the P150 fee for the customs clearance officer, you will also have to pay the additional costs. Even if you do not pay via Landbank, you will still have to pay a transaction fee of 30 pesos (P30) when using the Landbank E-Payment Gateway.

When you visit GCash, the convenience fee you charged may be cleared or shown to you before you enter your payment details.

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Alternative payment methods for online police sweeps

  • You can pay for online police raids directly with your Landbank account; however, you can also make payments using accounts from other banks, such as Asia Commercial Bank and BPI.
  • In the Landbank E-Payment Gateway, you can find these capabilities listed under the heading of Payment Options with details of transactions.

On the other hand, if you choose Pay with Cash and then have it shipped to MYEG, you have the option of paying directly at any merchant’s Over-the-Counter locations you want or making the same transaction using GCash after you have referenced the Dragonpay figure.

Is there a price associated with paying online for a police check using GCash?

How to get a Police License?

After you have successfully paid for your Police Clearance payment via GCash, this confirms your appointment with your chosen Police Station location for processing. On the day of your appointment, bring 2 valid IDs, the reference number of your transaction and the official receipt you paid through GCash. Furthermore, you also have to check the document, including taking biometrics, signatures and photos. Then wait for your Police License to be issued. However, applicants with a Hit record need to wait for further instructions and comply with other requirements to resolve the issue before a Police Permit is issued.

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