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Answer the question: How to delete Lazada account?

The explosion of the e-commerce industry and services allow users to use applications or websites for online shopping. This is extremely convenient because now customers can sit at home and do not need to go out shopping.

However, for some reason you want to cancel your online store and delete your Lazada account. Are you wondering how to delete Lazada account and is it simple? Now we will immediately answer you in the article below.

How to delete Lazada account

E-commerce sites like Lazada will not offer direct account deletion like social media accounts, so any request to delete an account must go through support. In a word, you must contact Lazada to delete the account. Below you will find the detailed instructions.

If you are using a smartphone

  • Step 1: Open the Lazada app on your phone, log in the account you want to delete.
  • Step 2: Find and select Accounts.
  • Step 3: Scroll down, select Chat with Lazada (Chat with CLEO).
  • Step 4: Select Chat with Lazada and type the phrase “Delete account”. The system will ask if you want to have contact with the staff for support, select Yes.
  • Step 5: When the support staff is there, tell them you want to delete this account, they will assist you.
How to delete Lazada account?

Note: the support staff will ask you what is the reason for deleting the account. You just need to state your reason correctly, or say: I no longer need to use that account, I want to create an account with a new email and phone number. Whatever the reason, they will always assist you in deleting your account.

If you are using a computer

Deleting a Lazada account on a computer is like deleting a Lazada account on the mobile app. You must contact Lazada via Chat with CLEO. Do:

  • Step 1: Visit Lazada’s support website.
  • Step 2: Find and select Chat with Lazada.
  • Step 3: Text in the phrase “Delete account” and select meet support staff.

The next steps you do are like the instructions to delete your Lazada account on the mobile application.

How to delete Lazada Seller account

As mentioned above, e-commerce sites in general or Lazada here in particular will often not directly provide the feature of deleting normal user accounts, especially canceling stores on Lazada. However, there will still be some caveats, such as completing orders or ensuring warranty procedures.

How to delete Lazada Seller account? All you have to do is a chat with the support staff in the “Chat Now” section. This is like how you delete your account as instructed above, Lazada’s consultants will assist you.

How to deactivate Lazada account?

Attention before canceling Lazada account

Before canceling your Lazada account, you should know about the following notes.

Make sure there are no more transactions on the account

You should make sure that there are currently no orders in your account that are pending or in progress. All orders must be in complete shipping status and all transactions and payments must also be completed before you request to delete your account.

The email and phone number on the old account cannot be reused

The phone number or email used by the account will be deleted and disabled completely. You cannot use that phone number or email to register for a new Lazada account. Of course, you won’t be able to use this information again to log into the deleted account.

You cannot reuse the phone number and email address

Can’t return, refund on deleted account

You cannot return or refund products purchased by the account you choose to delete. Of course, if the product is a genuine product and has full warranty papers, you are still covered by the normal warranty.

Can a deleted Lazada account be reopened?

Once your Lazada account has been deleted for any reason, you can still reopen it within 1 month from the last access.

If not, please contact Lazada’s care staff immediately to discuss and have a solution if the account is still pending for deletion request.

In conclusion

Above, we have introduced you to the fastest and most effective way on how to deactivate Lazada account. And you did it successfully, right? Hope the above article will be useful for you. We have more “how-to” tips to show you in many more in our website. Don’t hesitate to click on this link below:

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