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What to do if you have lost or forgotten SSS number?

If you are a citizen in the Philippines, you must have known how essential your SSS number is. Not only does SSS number protect your benefits of the Social Security System (SSS), but it is also the first requirement for your job. Therefore, getting an SSS number is probably a must in the Philippines. But it is unavoidable that sometimes this number can be forgotten or lost. In these cases, you don’t need to worry because it is quite simple to get your forgotten SSS number back.

If you are wondering how to get sss number if forgotten, our article is born for you! Below we will introduce concretely how to get an SSS number if forgotten or lost.

SSS stands for Social Security System

What is an SSS Number?

First, you should know what an SSS number is and why it is so important to all Filipinos. SSS number stands for Social Security Number, which is a 10-digit number provided by an insurance program in the Philippines run by the government.

When a person applies to join the Social Security System, they are given this 10-digit number. A member of SSS will always need this crucial set of data in order to get SSS dividends or credits.

Why do you need an SSS number?

Not all of us are aware of the reasons having an SSS number is required in dealing with SSS. As a result, we provided a list of the justifications for even attempting to get an SSS number and also the situations in which it would be required.

Requirement for employment

If you are applying for a job, you must provide your SSS number since according to the law of the Philippines, employers cannot recruit anyone without a Social Security Number.

Employers are also responsible for covering the employee part of the payment. Employers that don’t comply will be subject to fines between PHP 5,000 and PHP 20,000 or a minimum of six years’ imprisonment.

Enjoy your SSS Benefits

Even though there are extra conditions, the SSS number is crucial for determining eligibility and calculating contribution payments. It is essential in determining how much SSS bonus a member is eligible to receive.

You can enjoy several benefits such as a salary loan which is available when you are in financial troubles; sickness payment; insurance for unemployment; money for disability, maternity; retirement and last but not least, insurance for your death.

How can I find my forgotten SSS number?

Remembering a 10-digit number is such a tough thing. Many laborers suddenly realize that they have forgotten or lost their SSS number. Instead of worrying, read this article and these methods below to see how to get your forgotten SSS number back.

lost SSS number
What to do when forgotting SSS number?

Method 1: Verify the identity card (ID) that was provided by your business

This could be the simplest approach to locate your missing or forgotten SSS number because several employers publish their workers’ SSS number, TIN number, and other associated information on corporate IDs.

Method 2: Check the E-1 form

A copy of E-1 Form can be useful if you have forgotten your SSS number. Before 2015, many members of SSS could receive this copy and they can find their SSS number on the upper right corner of this form.

Method 3: E-Mail is also a way

Unlike members registered before 2015, members since 2016 received a copy of their SSS via E-Mail. This helps a lot while searching for your lost or forgotten SSS number. Just search in your Mailbox to see your enrolled SSS number.

Method 4: HR employer can help

Because they require it to send payments, the HR or administration keeps track of the firm and employee records, including personal data like your SSS number. If you can’t locate your SSS number, companies should have a record of it.

Social Security System office at the one-stop center in Ali Mall, Cubao.

Just call your HR employer and say: “I forgot my SSS number. Can I get it back?”. We are sure that this will help you find your forgotten SSS number easily.

Method 5: Ask SSS

How can I find my SSS number by name? If you wonder that, and none of the afore-mentioned methods nailed it, calling SSS is also useful. Here you can find their hotlines: 1455 or (02) 920-6446 to 55. They are accessible every working day.

If you have problems with phoning, sending an Email to [email protected] will help you find your lost SSS number. Just remember to provide your full personal data: full name, birthdate, identity card.


Above are 5 helpful ways from Techiestuff Philippines to get your forgotten SSS number back. It may challenge to remember all 10-digit numbers all the time so you had better write it down and save it carefully. That will save you, of course, a lot of time struggling to find forgotten SSS numbers.

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