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How To Load Autosweep RFID – Easy Payment Option On The Road

In the Philippines, RFID technology is being used to implement cashless payments to facilitate smoother traffic flow on main arteries on expressways such as SLEX and NLEX. This means greater convenience to motorists and less congestion on these roadways. To know more on how to load autosweep RFID, check out this post.

What’s an Autosweep RFID?

If you could take a peek under the hood of an EDSA or C-5 highway in the Philippines, you’d notice something rather odd and unusual – stickers. 

Well, these are RFID chips hosted in those stickers. And through radio waves, they are being read by electronic readers installed at highway entrances and exits.

A simple tag for payment

The data read may be used to determine cashless payments via tollways, facilitating commuters traveling faster and providing convenience during rush hour; being stuck in traffic is almost unimaginable.

You can use this sticker on major highways in the Philippines like SLEX, TPLEX, Skyway, or STAR Tollway.

How To Load Autosweep RFID Using Gcash?

One way to answer the question “how to load autosweep RFID online” or “how to load autosweep RFID via bdo online” is to use GCASH. To add value to your GCash account, you should reload it with additional funds. Here are the exact steps of Autosweep RFID how to load:

It is easy to load money into your RFID

  1. Download the app to your phone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  2. Log into your GCash account to pay your bills with just a click! Choose Transportations to reload money for your RFID.
  3. Scan the Autosweep or EasyTrip to reload. Choose an amount on your next screen, then complete the form to purchase more time on your RFID account. Autosweep is available to be loaded with Euro, and EasyTrip accepts normal currency and euros.
  4. The app will ask you to confirm the information again. Please make sure that all you have filled in the form is right.
  5. Congratulations! You’re all finished and confirmed.

No worries, your GCash account can load up with enough funding to make sure your alfresco meetings go smoothly. You have enough cash funds to move forward, but make sure the amount you tried to reload was the correct sum and a minimum of P200!

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How to Reload AUTOSWEEP?

Express, Online, and E-wallet: GCash, PayMaya,, Eon, JustPay.To, ExpressPay,…
Mall Partners SM, Robinsons, Rustan’s, Walter Mart
Supermarket Partners SM Hypermarket, Savemore, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Wellcome, The Marketplace
Online Banking Partners: Bank of Commerce, Union Bank, China Bank, Maybank
Gasoline Station Partners Petron & Shell
Convenience Store Partners Treats, 7/11, Family Mart

Other Tips and Reminders

Always check your balance before trips

  1. The ticket gate barrier will only open automatically if you have enough money to pay in your account, except from 1-12 to 11-1. Therefore, if you remember the wrong balance, there is a high probability that you will be administratively fined for obstructing traffic with a minimum of 1000P. Remember to double-check before you hit the road
  2. It’s best to check your balance before your trip. Mobile apps and online transactions don’t always come through on the first try. But it would be best if you still were prepared. Keep some cash handy just in case!
  3. Based on personal experience, even if you reload through an e-wallet (GCash/PayMaya) or online payment, the transaction won’t reflect real-time, or the RFID scanner will fail to read/detect it.
  4. If you fail to reload your card before leaving the house, the personnel at the booths will remind you of the amount you need to pay for that transaction. If the sum is larger than the value of your balance, the difference will be removed from the remaining balance at your next reload.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do With My Invalid Autosweep RFID Account?

Autosweep subscribers with invalid accounts will receive a bill in the mail instead of travel credits. There have been many issues processing payments from some users, and those cards may be confiscated at the toll gate.

What Is The Maintaining Balance For Autosweep?

The average balance will differ between classes:

Class 1 100P
Class 2 300P
Class 3 200P

Can I Load Autosweep RFID Online?

Adding a load to your Autosweep Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) accounts is as simple as a few button clicks. But which way is fastest? GCash and Paymaya online. As for how to load autosweep RFID using gcash, it is exactly like how you do normal purchases.

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So, how to load autosweep RFID? You can do it by walk-in at selected retailers that accept cashless payments, or you can do an Over Counter (OTC) loading. I have to say that although OTC reloading is an option for sure, it’s safer and more convenient if you load using online check or via GCash or Paymaya because it’s just a few taps away!

Thank you for reading this article on our category how to! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us at our website.

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