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Simple Steps On How To Get Your Tin Number Online And FAQs

TIN (Tax Identification Number) is one of the most important numbers you will need. You will need TIN to fill in lots of documents and forms. But have you got your TIN? If not, here is how to get your TIN number online.

What is TIN?

TIN or Tax Identification Number is a permanent and unique number issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It can be issued to an individual or an organization to identify the taxpayer and track tax payments and obligations. 

how to get your tin number online
How to get my TIN number?

A TIN is similar to the PhilHealth number, Pag-IBIG number, and SSS number in the sense  that all of them are required in transactions with the concerned government agencies. This number will be required in many types of transactions like voter’s registration, vehicle registration, opening a bank account, or permit applications. You will also need a TIN to get a TIN ID card, which is one of the valid IDs in the country. 

Who needs a TIN?

Anyone that has income in the Philippines is required to pay taxes. It is applicable for both Filipino citizens and foreigners. Therefore, they need to register with the Bureau of Internal Revenue to get a TIN.
In several other cases, non-taxpayers are also required to get a TIN if you want to get permits, licenses, or some other official papers with financial institutions like stockbrokers or banks.

To be more specific, these are the types of individuals or organizations that should register a TIN if they don’t have one.

  • Self-employed 
  • Mixed-income earners (those who are employed, but also have another source of income from freelancing, professionals, proprietors, and online sellers).
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Employees in the Philippines
  • Corporate taxpayers in the Philippines (including corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, homeowners associations, NGOs, etc.)
  • Persons registering under EO 98
  • One-time taxpayers

How to Get Your TIN Number Online for New Employees via BIR eReg

Instead of manual BIR registration, you can get TIN through the BIR eRegistration portal. Here are what you need to do for TIN application via BIR eReg:

1. Go to to access to BIR eReg system

2. Click on “Create an employer user account” on the upper left corner

how to get b.i.r tin number
Fill in the required details
  • Agree to the User Agreement
  • Fill in the required details
  • Type the CAPTCHA code, then submit.
  • You will receive an email from BIR containing an username

3. Use your username and email address to log into eReg

4. You will then receive an email containing your password

5. Type your password and then click “Login”

6. Fill your employee’s details on the Basic Taxpayer Data Form

7. Type CAPTCHA code, then submit

8. Agree to the eROG Terms of Service Agreement

9. Fill in all the required details

10. Wait for the Confirmation page to show up, then review all the details you provided. If all of them are good, click “Confirm”

11. TIN of the employee will be shown on your screen

12. Click Download BIR Form 1902 to save the BIR Form 1902 that has your employee’s TIN

What is the Deadline for TIN Registration?

New employees must register for a TIN within 10 days from the hiring date.

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1. How many digits does a TIN have?

There are nine digits in a TIN plus a three-digit branch code (for corporate taxpayers) or 000 (for individuals).

2. Do I have to register for a new TIN when moving to a new job or start a business?

No. It is a permanent number, so you will stick with it for your whole life. It is illegal to have more than one TIN.

When you start a business, you will have to register with the BIR and use your current personal TIN. Therefore, you don’t need to get a new TIN for your business.

3. I have two TINs. What do I have to do?

Again, it is illegal to have two or more TINs as it could be used for tax evasion. The BIR has already filed criminal complaints against those who have multiple TINs and the penalty for the violation is up to P1,000 fine or up to six-month imprisonment. 

But don’t worry if you have just found out that you have multiple TINs. If you have no intention for tax evasion and it was just a mistake, you can go to the RDO and  request for the cancellation of the extra TINs.

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