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Samsung S8 Price in the Philippines 2022 & Specs Review

Samsung has made lots of efforts to redeem itself after the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco. The mistakes the brand made were terrible and the danger to its users were real. The Galaxy S8, which is the direct successor to the Note 7, seems to be a good step after the mess. The handset was first released in April 2017, which is four years ago. In this review, we will talk about Samsung S8 price in the Philippines 2022 and whether you should pick it over more recent smartphones. 

Samsung S8 price in the Philippines 2022

The price of Samsung S8 in Philippines in 2022 is PHP 10,500

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Design & Display

The handset features a curved display on the front just like the Galaxy Note 7. The glass on the front and back were both curved on the sides. The brand has been using the design for several generations of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. The amazing thing is that while the Galaxy S8 feels very smooth, the brand somehow managed to avoid making them too slippery. 

Galaxy S8 display

It didn’t take long for me to get used to the display of the S8. However, I was constantly distracted by the reflections from the display and it was first pretty hard to watch movies and videos. The back being prone to fingerprints and smudges is also a pretty huge issue. In addition, the curved edges might bother you a bit with websites and apps that have text running across the width of the display or buttons on the edges. 

Other than that, I have no complaints about the display. It’s bright enough even outdoors. The adaptive color mode works great to make sure that you see the accurate colors, whether you are using the phone in a dimly lit setting or under direct sunlight.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Performance

The performance of the Galaxy S8 is pretty good for a flagship smartphone. The Exynos version might be slightly less powerful than the Snapdragon version, but not by a large margin. We did our benchmark tests with the Exynos version, and the results were impressive. In AnTuTu, the S8 achieved a score of 172,719 points. In comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus scored 179,724 points and the Google Pixel XL scored 133,60. In Geekbench, the S8’s scores were 1,991 for the single-core test and 6,665 for the multi-core test. 

Galaxy S8 performance is still great

3DMark’s Ice Storm Extreme gave the S8 a score of 12,793 points while the Sling Shot Extreme test gave the phone 3,278 points. Games were handled well and I didn’t even have to use the Gaming app to improve the phone’s performance. 

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Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Cameras

There aren’t lots of changes on the Galaxy S8 over its predecessor Galaxy S7. It still gets a 12MP main camera at the back while the selfie camera is upgraded to an 8MP unit with an f/1.7 aperture and autofocus. 

Galaxy S8 cameras

Let’s start with the rear camera. The handset was fast to capture photos with no lag. The optical image stabilization and the wide aperture worked great in any settings. The camera was capable of capturing lots of detail and sharpness. Personally, I found the colors to be a bit saturated, but my friends didn’t agree with me, so I guess that’s just my personal taste. 

Noise was well under control in daylight and even during low light photography. If you browse through the sample images in the embedded album above, you will be surprised to notice the level of detail this S8 is capable of capturing. In fact, it was so good that I rarely needed to switch to manual mode. But there were times when the aggressive noise filtering led to flat textures. However, this would happen in extreme low light scenarios. Samsung claims that the great image processing is due to the embedded memory on the sensor. The camera first takes multiple shots and then combines them into a single high-quality image. As for the selfie camera, it also has autofocus. The photos weren’t as good as those taken by the main camera since I did see several excessive highlights when taking in bright conditions. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Battery life

I was expecting top-end battery life from the Galaxy S8, considering their price tag and the power-efficient 10nm chipset. However, the result wasn’t up to my expectation, but still good enough for its flagship positioning. The device lasted 13 hours and 36 minutes in our HD video loop test. In comparison, the Galaxy S7 performed better in the same test with more than 16 hours of video playback time. 

In daily use, we mostly used the phone for watching videos, a bit of gaming, and it managed to last through the day with a little left over. Thanks to 15W fast charging support, the handset took less than two hours to refill its 3,000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Verdict

The Galaxy S8 is still a great option going by the Samsung S8 price in the Philippines. I would highly recommend purchasing this phone for those who want to get a stable and reliable smartphone for day-to-day tasks.

Samsung S8 price in the Philippines

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