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An Ultimate Guide On How To Activate TNT Sim?


This post will explain how to activate TNT sim to start receiving data and making phone calls. Please note that the activation process may depend on your location. We will explore how it works or how many steps are needed for activating this item on this blog post. Read on!

Definitions Of TNT Sim

In the Philippines, there’s a company called Smart Communications. They have an amazing cellular service that ranges from landlines to mobile phones! In 2000 they launched their GSM brand Talk ‘N Text (TNT). Before this transfer took place, 16 million people had subscribed under Pilte. The company also operated on AMPS/CDMA networks with 912 area codes. 

The low-cost packages offered by this brand are perfect for those who need mobile services in the Philippines. They offer classics like Gaan Text 10 and other unlimited offers such as Unlitext Extra 30 with their wide range of services. They are calling mobile internet, text, and other value-added services! 

When you first get your new TNT prepaid SIM card, the best thing to know is how to activate the TNT sim card. Therefore, you can enjoy all Smart’s nationwide 5G and LTE networks. 

Micro sim card with chip side up close-up on wooden table

5G is coming! So wait no more to find out how to activate TNT sim 5G. Get your hands on the latest SIM from this brand to get ready for this future generation. When all goes as planned, you could be able to get 1GBps or even more at speeds up to ten times quicker than 4G/LTE. With this latest mobile internet card from this brand, all that’s left is buying one which supports 5G technology once accessible in your location. 

When you sign up, our new TNT SIM will function on both 4G/LTE and 3G networks. This means that your mobile Internet connection will be speedy in many locations across the country! If your old phone only supports 3G, consider purchasing a new LTE Upgrade sim to upgrade to 4G while keeping your current phone number.

How To Activate TNT Sim card? – 3 Methods

It is important to check that the date on your phone’s sim card doesn’t expire before following the guide on how to activate 5G TNT sim.

Size of TNT sim card

Turn The Mobile Data On

The easiest way to get started with the guide on how to activate TNT LTE sim card is by turning on mobile data. Firstly, insert it into your phone then turn on mobile data. Next, visit their website for activation. 

Welcome to the future! You will receive a welcome text message from its new local. This means that your new sim is activated, which allows you to text message or call people on this amazing mobile device of yours (you can even surf the internet!). 

Register for free 200MB of access to Facebook (valid for 15 days) by texting “UROWN” to 4545. Besides, you can get the GigaLife application from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). It has everything you need – manage your account, register promos and buy prepaid loads while checking balances all in one place! 

Text? 15001 To 214

Send the message? 15001 to 214 is another way of activating a TNT sim card. You’ll get a text message informing you about the current load balance, plus an introductory welcome message.

Phone Sim Card Micro Sd Technology Memory Card

Dial *123#

What if your sim is no longer activated? How to activate deactivated TNT sim? The USSD code *123# is another method to reactivate it. Dialing this sequence and navigating to Balance/Services > Check Balance will give you information about the balance and other services in real-time or receive texts with details when they arrive via phone call. All systems are gone if the text “Welcome To TNT” appears. 

Note: Above are the three popular methods on how to activate TNT Sim in iPhone or other phones. The best way to enjoy the most affordable and budget-friendly promotions from this new prepaid card is by loading it regularly. If you don’t do this, then there may come a day when they disconnect all contact with no warning whatsoever! 

Have You Enabled Mobile Data But Are Still Unable To Connect To The Internet?

Memory Card Technology Phone Sim Card Micro Sd

You might be struggling to connect because you have the wrong settings for your mobile data. Ensure that it is activated according to what type of connection best suits yours. After that, you give this APN a try, including GPRS, WAP, MMS, 3G, and LTE. 

  1. Text SET to 211 for free.
  2. Keep waiting for the response containing your configuration settings! You’ll be prompted to save them. 
  3. Entering in a PIN (the default 1234).

Benefits When Using TNT Sim 5G

The arrival of the 5G network promises to bring a lot of utilities and wide applications in the future. The following are the outstanding advantages of 5G.


Theoretically, 5G speeds can reach 10 Gbp/s (gigabits per second) or even higher. Even at the edge of coverage, speeds can still reach from 1 to several hundred Mbp/s.

With speeds like this, users can download a 2-hour movie in less than 10 seconds.


Latency (ping) can go down to 10 ms, even zero under perfect conditions.

Low latency helps you to play games graphics will have an immediate response. You will feel a lot lower latency than 4G.

Signal Transmission Ability

To avoid interference, the software in the antenna will transmit the signal centrally to the devices.


Until these last lines, you’ve undoubtedly gained all the important information about how to activate TNT sim. You can now get all the details about setting up your account on their site and determine what kind of plan would be best for you. 

If you have any further doubts or confusion in mind, then feel free to ask us via the comments section below. We will respond as soon as possible with our efforts and understanding of the item’s activation process.

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