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How To Pasaload Globe Postpaid and TM Prepaid Subscribers

TM prepaid and Globe postpaid subscribers can easily share their load with their loved ones or friends. But how to pasaload Globe? We will answer that question in this article with these simple steps.

This is a very useful feature if your friends or loved ones need a load, but they can’t recharge at the time. For example, at night or whening it is raining hard outside, it is pretty hard to get to a loading station.

Globe & TM Share-a-load Denominations and Validity

Be aware that the load that you share with your friends has validity. To maximize the benefits of the shared load, receivers need to use it within the validity duration. If not, the remaining amount will be forfeited. But, what is the validity duration? The duration increases when the shared amount gets higher. 

  • P1 – P10: 3 days
  • P11 – P50: 15 days
  • P51 – P100: 30 days
  • P101 – P150: 45 days
  • P151 – P250: 60 days
  • P251 – P299: 75 days
  • P300 and more: 1 year

Transaction Fee

For every successful share a load, TM prepaid or Globe postpaid subscribers will be charged with PHP 1. 

You will have to pay PHP 1 for every successful transaction.

For postpaid subscribers, the fee is the same, but it will be charged on the bill along with the amount shared.

For prepaid users, the transaction fee and the amount shared will be deducted to the user’s load. Therefore, you have to make sure that your balance is equal to or higher than the amount you want to share plus PHP 1 fee.

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How to Share-a-load Globe

There are two options:

1. *143#

How to transfer regular load to GCash 2021? It is no longer available
  • Step 1. Dial *143# 
  • Step 2. Type “0” for My Account from the menu.
  • Step 3. Type “3” for Share-A-Load/Promo/MB
  • Step 4: Choose one of the following options
  1. Share load with pin
  2. Share load without pin
  3. Share promo w/o pin
  4. Share promo w pin
  • Step 5: Enter the amount you want to transfer and the number of the recipient. Replace 0 with 2.

2. Via SMS

  • With PIN

Send a text message to the number you want to share-a-load in this format: 

Amount PIN

For example, you want to send 50 to the number 29172345678 and your PIN number is 1234, then type 50 1234, and send to 29172345678.

  • Without PIN

Send a text message to the number you want to share-a-load in this format: 


For example: you want to transfer 50 to the number 29172345678, then send message 50 to 29172345678

Wait for a confirmation SMS. If you want to proceed with the transaction, reply YES. 

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